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We all know that video content on the web suffered from a false dawn in the early part of this century. The video was clunky, it always stalled and let?s face?so many people started making their own video?s that youtube became synonymous with dreadful unwatchable business video?s.

Happily that?s all changed. Streaming video has never been easier, it looks great and we have worked out how to make cost effective video?s that do the job of selling without having to get the MD with the handle bar mustache to make a guest appearance.

If you?re still having problems selling the idea of commissioning some video content to your Finance Director here?s some facts and figures that may help change her mind.

Which age group watches video?

The first myth about video on the net is that it?s only watched by teenagers ? statistically though 30 to 49 year olds are just as likely to watch as the younger generation.

Most people (about 65%) who watch online videos are between 35-64 years of age and 67% of these have middle to high incomes.

Does video make a difference?

Text only sites on average keep their viewers for 1 minute ? a site that utilizes video keep their potential customers for as long as 6 minutes.

In a recent survey in Forbes magazine 60% of those respondents said they watch the video content before reading the text.

After viewing an online ad, about 46% of viewers take action, whether through visiting the company?s website, asking for further info or purchasing a product or service.

65% of viewers watch online ads all the way to the end

The University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business found that prospective customers were 72% make likely to make a purchase after watching a video.

Are your competitors using video on their sites?

Research agency Gartner has listed online video as one of the top ten strategic marketing tools for 2011

Of the Top 50 Internet Retailers, 68% have videos on their site

Finally? doesn?t have to cost the earth

Video helps give your site more of a reason for some-one to view it and find out more.

Presented with a simple 60 second promo on the first page all of the above facts tell us that people are more likely to want to find out more if they view a video straight away on the front page as oppsed to text.

Freelance cameraman now shoot and edit for a day rate as little as ?500 per day ? more than enough time to film six client testimonials and edit them together into a 60 second promo for your front page.

Hosting video on your site is just two lines of code for your web designer ? you can host the video easily enough on youtube or vimeo and link it to your site.

We shot this video on the front of our site in a morning ? its aim was just to pull people into the site to find out more?.it?s certainly worked for us?but by all means check it out yourself on our website!

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Matt Gardner from Clear Blue Productions offers corporate video London and film production London

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