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Techniques to support your game Community at its best | News ...

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Techniques to help your gaming Community to his best after Ireland Lee for an increase in the more recent your business online, casino, gambling, which is too high and easy access to too much. Fortunately, the community happens to work in a number of technique is to reach the top at the top and the leading gambling sites in this present time. In some gambling companies are quite happy to target players, the people who are adjacent only in their country. This is a technique that is normally a company you have to do when start-up gaining popularity and for them to get to know their consumers more often. For some of them, that does not work, for this free offer, which allows their customers value felt enjoyed and fun with cheap costs against them. Having this technique can produce gambling sites, a huge increase in players and some of the points also can lead to high popularity rate in terms of online gambling popularity rate. In some part of the game in the gaming Community, a small quantity of an unspecified them have also a technique to purchase or adopt a name some of the leading name in the gaming industry for their casino games. For example, plants vs. zombies in the slot gaming version or a version of the game of poker. They went to do, that the technique not only to the objective of these people to play this game, but also the people who is an avid fan of games taken. This technique will certainly strengthen the whacking the popularity of the site. Some of the most relevant online gambling companies, including Intralot and Betfair in the last period of time are splashed on the expensive UK television ad, and they are now joined by LadyLuck, mobile trade name probability plc. The company is quoted to ?They are sure that their promotion campaigns will increase their visibleness and brand name, and that their television viewer ratings (ITG ) is hit ITG 88, ? the aforementioned with Louise Middlemist, head of the new customer, marketing the LadyLuck. Well, as one of the technique ?s or even all of them are your strategies in the enterprise, online gambling, surely this will be your great means to have a lot of Community visibility, popularity and stability for your online gambling business take a very long and the leading case in the online gambling company. Your way to a better future of your business and let those technique, change your online company profile for a long time. Online Casino seven is a site where you can feel free to learn and play a lot of http://www.onlinecasinoseven.com. Article source: techniques to help your gaming Community on the best

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Commonly Asked Questions about General Liability Insurance ...

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Insurance policies are like a firewall of protection between you and your business and financial bankruptcy. If a legal claim is filed against you or your business and you are found liable, you could end up in the poor house if you don?t have a general liability insurance policy. If you are a business owner and don?t already have a general liability insurance policy, you need to take the time to find out what it is and why you need it. Who needs general liability insurance: General liability insurance is a must for most business owners. For those in industries with higher safety risks and factors, such as construction companies, general liability insurance is a necessary part of doing business. All businesses are at risk for lawsuits and claims due to the nature of running a business. Accidents happen, whether you are negligent or no. Having a liability insurance policy adds a critical layer of protection between your assets, i.e. your business, and the claims that are laid against you. How much liability insurance coverage do I need? How much commercial liability insurance coverage you need depends on the nature and size of your business. Most general liability coverage is around $1,000,000, but you may need more or less depending on what types of claims you would anticipate being made. Medical bills and property damage can quickly add up in the case of an accident, and you want to make sure that your policy covers it all so you won?t be left paying out of pocket. Should I have an umbrella policy with my general liability insurance? An umbrella policy is an additional layer of protection that you can choose to add to your general liability insurance company. Whether or not you need one depends on the nature of your business. The umbrella policy will cover you above the limits of your general liability coverage. Its best to talk to your insurance agent as to what they would recommend in terms of an additional umbrella policy to your existing general liability policy. What kinds of claims does general liability cover? General liability insurance covers property damage and bodily injury. Your general liability insurance policy will cover legal fees and medical fees associated with these types of claims, and pay for the building of a legal defense if it is needed. It will also cover advertising injury, claims made from competitor that your business?s advertisements made false or slanderous claims, causing them a loss of profits. Does general liability coverage cover my business even when I am not legally responsible? Another benefit of general liability is that it will cover medical bills and property damage to injured parties in order to forgo the need for a legal claim to be made. This can end up saving your business a lot of money, time and effort in having to go through a legal process. General liable insurance can help to stop a lawsuit before it even begins.

Source: http://www.maskedsuperstar.net/masked-super-star/commonly-asked-questions-about-general-liability-insurance

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Preschool curriculum- for child education ? SEO Article Directory ...

In accordance to a research, it has been found that the best learning stage for a child is from birth to six. School is the most essential part of schooling and it is important to provide a basic natural and structural method to children before starting the school education. This is generally designated as preschool curriculum.

This system is basically designed to develop the child?s interest in learning and education. Furthermore, science has also shown that if you do not develop the child?s brain during his developing age, the brain may trim off many parts that are not stimulated by this system. Schools these days focus on increasing the memory, motor skills and creativity in their young students. Many preschool curriculums are followed in accordance to the curiosity and routine of kid but daycare curriculum has proved to be the best among all.

The daycare curriculum usually consists of educating the kid about colors, numbers and alphabets in a way that it does not seems burden to him. Another thing that is generally followed is to give the child moral lessons every day that helps you to develop various elements of his personality. Many schools and daycare centers have also introduced numerous enjoyable activities that offer the child to learn in a comfy and relaxed atmosphere. The colleges are using all types of audio and visual aids to permit the child learn more. As it is said picture is worth thousand words so these academic institutes are recognizing and focusing on attractive presentations and vibrant environment.

Moreover, some important things that should be kept in mind are that the environment should be neat and clean, the area to learn should be colorful and stimulating for the child to learn. There should be sufficient books for the children in accordance to their age and interests. The kids curriculum should include the environment protection awareness that should be introduced to the kids in their initial years. They can grow up with new concept of keeping our planet green. So, preschool curriculum should be designed according to fulfill the modern needs of college students, increase awareness and so on.

The preschool curriculum is not only good for children but it is also found to be a great business for people who want to invest their money in schooling. This program is designated as preschool franchise. In international curriculum, preschool franchise has been launched as a place where all the facilities are provided to help the child in learning and eventually developing his interest in schooling. This system has proved to be an extremely profitable business for many people and a great friend for parents in character building of their children.

International curriculum is the best place to explore child interest. Click here to know more about International curriculum.

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Jamaica's elderly Jolly Boys a hit on int'l stages (AP)

PORT ANTONIO, Jamaica ? The Jolly Boys, a trio of elderly Jamaican musicians who play a rollicking type of folk music nearly forgotten by time, are enjoying an unexpected revival after nearly 60 years of entertaining tourists on the island's hotels.

Playing on acoustic, sometimes homemade instruments, the group's forte is mento ? a Jamaican dance music created by the descendants of African slaves in the late 19th century. It features banjo, maracas, a rough-hewn wooden box with metal prongs to pluck bass notes, and often bawdy lyrics.

But these days, by fusing traditional sounds with rock and pop hits, including Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" and Lou Reed's "Perfect Day," the septuagenarian Jolly Boys are bringing the jubilant sound of mento ? the rhythm of the Caribbean island's dancehalls long before ska and reggae ? to European arenas and hipster venues in the United States.

For Albert Minott, the group's 72-year-old guitarist and gravelly voiced frontman, preserving the once vibrant musical genre and expanding its possibilities is a lifelong mission.

"Over the years, mento has been locked down in a cooking pot by these guys with their big amplifiers, big soundboxes. So it's been quietly cooking, simmering," said the dapperly dressed Minott, his brown eyes brightening in his deeply lined face.

"But now," he said, "we the Jolly Boys take off the pot cover, spoon out the mento and serve up the good taste to the young people who didn't know it. Nobody else can do it."

Mixing a traditional mento sound with punk and pop hits was the brainchild of Jon Baker, a veteran music promoter and co-owner of Geejam, a high-end resort and recording studio where the Jolly Boys recorded their "Great Expectation" album, released in the spring.

Baker said he got the idea when he finally listened with fresh ears to the Jolly Boys, the house band at Geejam. It was the beginning of the global financial recession in 2008, when the hotel side of the business was slow. For years, he had dismissed mento as "tourism music."

"We could make a beautifully classic mento album and it would sell 2,000 records worldwide. So we thought of a way of taking the elements of mento, but choose rock classics, or basically go into my iPod and choose songs that were very influential to me and my growth," Baker said in Geejam's recording studio, framed by lush tropical forest and the Caribbean Sea.

The experiment has worked beautifully. Earlier this year, Minott and the Jolly Boys introduced mento to hundreds of thousands of music fans while opening up for Sade on a European tour. In Britain, the band has appeared on the live BBC music show, "Later With Jools Holland." They recently played at a three-day music festival in New York, and are heading to Hong Kong next month.

"We are being selective now. They are not an 18-year-old alternative band that can jump in the back of the truck," said Baker, who was a hip-hop promoter and owner of the Gee Street Records label in the 1980s.

Indeed, two 80-something members of the Jolly Boys, percussionist Allan Swymmer and banjo player Egbert Watson, stepped down from the band's tours and recording sessions after the schedule proved too hectic. Watson is also battling Alzheimer's disease. Younger musicians now fill out the trio's sound.

But while celebrated abroad as a Jamaican version of Cuba's Buena Vista Social Club, the group remains fairly obscure in their own Caribbean homeland, at least outside of their coastal hometown of Port Antonio, an off-the-beaten track place where time seems suspended in another era.

"We'd been down all those years. It was rough. The officials in Jamaica, they don't step forward to the mento. I don't see why they turn their back on it," said Derrick "Johnny" Henry, the band's "rumba box" player who has worked as a fisherman when gigs were scarce.

The Jolly Boys, originally called the Navy Island Swamp Boys, got their start in the 1950s performing at Hollywood star Errol Flynn's private island in the Port Antonio area, which at the time was the playground of the swashbuckling actor, European bluebloods and American old-money socialites.

In 1989, American singer-songwriter Jules Shear saw the band during a visit to the now defunct Trident Hotel on Jamaica's north coast. He recorded an album of their music for world music fans. But the international response back then is nothing like what they are experiencing now.

Joseph "Powda" Bennett, a veteran Jolly Boy who is a member of Jamaica's Maroons, whose ancestors were slaves freed by the Spanish in the 17th century to repel invading British forces, said their recent international success has effectively made them the biggest Jamaican band around.

"Over the years, we've stayed in the hotels preserving this mento. It's finally paying off now," said the 73-year-old Bennett, who has played in various incarnations of the Jolly Boys group, which has had at least 18 members over the decades.

Next up for the Jolly Boys is an album of classic mento songs that they've performed for years. Minott says he wants his group to go to No. 1 in Jamaica.

"The band is going to keep in motion, come out with some new songs, keep people smiling, keep them dancing, laughing," said Minott, who claims he maintains his lean, muscular frame with morning exercise, healthy eating, and chasing women.

Daniel Neely, a New York-based ethnomusicologist who specializes in mento and played banjo on the "Great Expectation" record, said Minott's loose-limbed charisma is key to the ascendancy of the Jolly Boys.

"He's been performing for tourists since he was a child so he just has a superlative intuitive sense of how people look at a performer on stage. I've never really met somebody who performs like Albert does. He really, really knows how to work a crowd," Neely said.

Sure to help raise the group's profile in their Caribbean homeland is a planned docudrama movie and a local reality TV show in the works about Minott, who intersperses his singing and guitar-playing duties with joyful soft-shoe steps during concerts.

Whatever the future brings, Minott and his two companions say they will enjoy the veteran group's late successes.

"There are places we go now that we didn't expect that we would ever know. Places that as a boy you read about in a comic book ? Russia, Germany, France, Spain, England. And now we go to all those places. Isn't that wonderful? To do that at this age," said Minott, grinning. "Our grandkids brag about it."


Online: http://www.jollyboysmusic.com/


David McFadden on Twitter: http://twitter.com/dmcfadd

Source: http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/entertainment/*http%3A//news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110826/ap_en_ot/cb_jamaica_jolly_boys

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SkaterGirl presents: Your Tape - send in your skate videos! Kicking it ...

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The number one website for girls skateboarding. News, videos, interviews, pictures, results, products, competitions and events for girls skateboarding from around the world.

Support women's sports and SHARE this story with your friends!

We?re starting a new section to the website called ?Your Tape? which gives every single one of you a chance to share your skate videos with us. It doesn?t matter how long or short they are, what level of skater you are, how old you are, where you?re from, or whether they?ve been nicely edited ? its just an opportunity to put your footage in front of our big (but friendly) SkaterGirl crowd.

Kicking things off is 14 year old Heitzel Alvarenga who started skating just a few years ago and has recently moved from Los Angeles, California to Austin, Texas. She also likes to film skaters and take pictures of skaters and she is in the 10th grade.

Thanks to Heitzel.

We might change the name of the section to something a bit snappier if anyone has any suggestions. And of course feel free to leave encouragement for each of the girls that feature in the Your Tape category, either here on the website or on facebook or twitter.

Support women's sports and SHARE this story with your friends!

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Life Insurance Health

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PORTSMOUTH ? A internal word profession indicted of defrauding a Nevada integrate out of $2.4 million by a life word intrigue is scheduled for intervention toward ?a intensity settlement,? according to sovereign justice records.

A seven-count lawsuit filed in a U.S. District Court of Nevada alleges James Archibald of Portsmouth perpetrated a rascal with recently-indicted former financial confidant Karl Hahn. The fit alleges Archibald and Hahn committed rascal and misrepresentation, rascal formed on dissimulation and omission, inattentive misrepresentation, crack of fiduciary duty, veteran misconduct, unfair improvement and disregarded Nevada?s consumer word laws.

The ground was vast sales commissions, according to sovereign prosecutors.

An sequence filed with a Nevada justice states Archibauld and an profession for his purported victims are scheduled to accommodate in Chicago on Sept. 13 with ?at slightest one other celebration compared with this dispute.? The purpose of a meeting, according to justice records, is to rivet in intervention in front of a late judge.

Both sides ?wish to equivocate unnecessarily expending estimable additional sums? of income pursing a authorised case, a justice sequence states. The intervention devise was authorized Jul 21 by Judge Robert McQuaid Jr.

Archibald?s Boston attorney, Louis Ciavarra, told a Herald in Jun that his customer is not guilty, though was ?swept adult in a Karl Hahn saga.?

Once a rich investment confidant who lived in a Portsmouth mansion, Hahn was arraigned in Jun in a U.S. District Court of New Hampshire on sovereign charges alleging he ?devised a intrigue to defraud? a Portsmouth male out of $1.9 million. He?s scheduled for a Nov. 1 trial.

The Nevada fit alleges Archibald concluded to ?associate? with Hahn to sell a rich integrate ?large life word policies by reward financing.? Former neighbors, Archibald and Hahn are purported to have trafficked to Nevada in Apr 2008, when they sole life word to a integrate by ?misrepresenting? a deal, observant it would come during no risk or cost to them, while safeguarding their resources in life and after death.

?Both Hahn and Archibald settled that life word skeleton were ?complex,? though promoted themselves as experts in a packages on whom (the couple) could rely,? according to a suit.

?Jim (Archibald) and Hahn are not and never were partners or assimilated in any way,? Ciavarra formerly told a Herald. ?The plaintiffs are dual rich people with buyer?s remorse, and blamed everybody else for their decision.?

The integrate lay Archibald, his Portsmouth employer Port Capital and Hahn ?secretly? performed life word for them for several million dollars some-more than what was represented ?in sequence to beget vast commissions to themselves,? while ?using a borrowing power? of a purported victims.

Ciavarra pronounced Hahn ?made certain misrepresentations? to a couple, though Archibald was unknowingly of them until months after when he brought them to a couple?s attention.

In a summer of 2009, Hahn left Deutsche Bank for a pursuit during Oppenheimer in Portsmouth and asked a integrate to pierce their word business with him, a Nevada fit alleges. When Hahn eliminated a business, it ?triggered? a default of a word loan and direct notices were sent to a integrate totaling $2.4 million.

?The send was for a purpose of permitting Archibald, Port Capital and Hahn to continue to lift out a fake life word reward financing scheme,? a fit alleges.

The integrate ?found themselves relying on Archibald, Hahn and Port Capital to extricate themselves from a conditions combined by Archibald, Hahn and Port Capital in a initial place,? a fit alleges.

Ciavarra cited Archibald?s ?years of knowledge offered life insurance? for ?some of a country?s largest insurers,? while observant a keeper for a purported victims settled Archibald ?did positively zero wrong.?

The purported victims formerly asked a Nevada sovereign justice for a jury hearing and triple damages.

California profession David Thomas is representing a purported victims and told a Herald Hahn was, though is no longer, a suspect in a sovereign lawsuit since Hahn?s former employer, Deutsche Bank, argued a Nevada justice didn?t have jurisdiction. Thomas pronounced he afterwards ?voluntarily dismissed? a allegations opposite Hahn, that he believes now go with FINRA, a largest eccentric bonds regulator in a United States.

On Mar 2, a N.H. secretary of state dangling Hahn?s broker-dealer representative license, systematic him to uncover means because it shouldn?t be revoked, and to compensate yet-to-be dynamic penalties and fines. According to justice records, Hahn betrothed a Portsmouth male his $1.9 million would be used for an investment and produce a profit, though ?there was no investment and instead Hahn simply dictated to, and did, take a victim?s income for his possess personal use.?


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Long-Distance Relationship Day 1 ? idobelieveinfairiesidoido

I?m back. I will have more time again to write and I have tons to write about. :)

Yesterday afternoon my boyfriend left for Italy. From now on we?ll be living in a long-distance relationship.
797km are between us!?

I already chatted with him today, but then he had to work and I was home alone trying to stay busy. Then I got a mail from him saying:

I keep myself busy
with the things I do.
But every time I pause,
I still think of you.

That?s exactly how I am feeling! I?ve had a long breakfast with my parents, watched some episodes of Dr. House, cleaned my room, checked my mail, made lunch?. But I can?t get rid of those little breaks where I stop and think ?I wish he would be here right now!?. And actually, I don?t want to get rid of them. Why should I? I love him, so I like to think about him! It hurts, but that just means my love is real. I miss him, of course.

Thinking of the past months, I remembered a cartoon he sent me. It?s so cute. :) Ok, I will get myself busy again ? waiting for the next break to think about him.

Source image:?http://xkcd.com/162/

Thank you for Dr. Seuss!With his books and wisdom he make my life so much richer.

?Don?t cry because it?s over. Smile because it happened.? ~ Dr. Seuss

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Pacific walruses studied as sea ice melts

ScienceDaily (Aug. 24, 2011) ? USGS Alaska Science Center researchers, in cooperation with the Native Village of Point Lay, will attempt to attach 35 satellite radio-tags to walruses on the northwestern Alaska coast in August as part of their ongoing study of how the Pacific walrus are responding to reduced sea ice conditions in late summer and fall.

Walruses spend most of their lives at sea, but haul out on sea ice and sometimes land to rest between feeding bouts. They can dive hundreds of feet to forage on the sea floor. However, when the sea ice recedes past the continental shelf into very deep waters of the Arctic Basin, the walruses haul out on land. The extent of sea ice has been less in recent summers, and walruses have been hauling out on beaches in Alaska and Russia in the past few years. Thus, radio-tracking the walruses' movements in water and to and from land provides important insights into walrus movements and foraging behaviors in response to changing sea ice conditions.

Since 2004, the USGS Alaska Science Center Pacific Walrus Research Program has collected data on walrus foraging behavior and movements throughout areas of the Bering and Chukchi seas during periods when sea ice is present and when sea ice is absent over the continental shelf. In 2010, walruses came ashore in late August. This year, the sea ice disappeared from the shelf earlier and walruses have already begun to come ashore.

"Sea ice is an important component in the life cycle of walruses," said Chad Jay, research ecologist with the USGS Alaska Science Center. "These tracking studies will help us to better understand how top consumers in the arctic ecosystem may be affected by changes in sea ice habitats."

In July, the scientists attached 40 radio tags on walruses hauled out on distant offshore sea ice near the edge of the continental shelf, northwest of Barrow, Alaska. This month researchers will tag a number of walruses that have come to land after the retreat of the sea ice from the shelf. Tracking animations from tagged walruses are available online (http://alaska.usgs.gov/science/biology/walrus/index.html) and are updated approximately every week.

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The above story is reprinted (with editorial adaptations by ScienceDaily staff) from materials provided by U.S. Geological Survey.

Note: If no author is given, the source is cited instead.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily or its staff.

Source: http://feeds.sciencedaily.com/~r/sciencedaily/~3/oSJ1ICvPE8c/110824134403.htm

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Institutional Analyst Launches Internet Security Stock Review ...

Institutional Analyst Inc. (IA) launched another financial portal today, the Internet Security Stock Review, covering publicly traded companies involved in ?internet security? and released a Watch List of Top Companies to follow. IA is an independent research firm founded in 1999, via the Internet Stock Review which now additionally provides coverage for companies in a number of distinct industries; including Airlines, Alternative Energy, Biotech, Internet, Entertainment, Restaurants, Special Situations and Private Equity.

The Watch List, was created as a starting point for investors who are interested in Internet Security related companies. Roland Rick Perry, editor added, ?the list is not a buy list, but rather our universe of companies, whose technology or recent market performance we find compelling.?

?After adding VirnetX which traded from $6.50 to $41 and Vasco Data which traded from $4.60 to $14 to the Internet Stock Review Watch List during the past year and due to the severity of the recent pull-back, we felt it was warranted to create a site devoted specifically to the group.? Adding ?Governments, corporations and individuals spent $16.5 billion last year alone on security software, according consulting firm Gartner, that when combined with the market weakness and ever increasing cyber-breaches, it in our opinion offers investors a rare, even generational opportunity.?

The impetus behind its issuance is to bring attention to the names and or to the existence of these companies (particularly those with no coverage on Wall Street) and then to have the investors themselves, do the due diligence necessary to decide on their own, if any of the companies warrant further study and/or investment.?

The website provides individual RSS news feeds for each company on the Watch List, as well all seventeen companies in its universe, enabling investors to easily follow the group with a single visit. Internet security and cyber crime Blogs are also included from leading sources such as Bank Info Security, Computer World, Sophos and McAfee and standalone reports from RSA and Commtouch.

In the list below, are companies which the review believes progress should be monitored. The Internet Stock Security Review will be following and reporting on the progress of these companies and others during the coming year.


Blue Coat Systems ? $13.18, is a leading provider of Web security and WAN optimization solutions. Blue Coat offers solutions that provide the visibility, acceleration and security required to optimize and secure the flow of information to any user, on any network, anywhere. The shares which were recently downgraded by FBR capital traded near $50 in late 2007 and traded from $7 during the market low of ?09, to a recent high of $35, and lost $8 in value during the correction which started in early July. http://www.bluecoat.com

Commtouch ? $3.12, safeguards the world?s leading security companies and service providers with cloud-based Internet security services. A cloud-security pioneer, Commtouch?s real-time threat intelligence from its GlobalView? Network powers Web security, messaging security and antivirus solutions, protecting thousands of organizations and hundreds of millions of users worldwide.?The shares traded near $8 in late 2007 and traded from $1.50 during the market low of ?09, to a recent high of $4.29, and lost $0.50 in value during the correction which started in early July. http://www.superb.net/

Checkpoint Systems ? $52, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (http://www.checkpoint.com), the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, provides customers with uncompromised protection against all types of threats, reduces security complexity and lowers total cost of ownership. Check Point first pioneered the industry with FireWall-1 and its patented stateful inspection technology. Today, Check Point continues to develop new innovations based on the Software Blade Architecture, providing customers with flexible and simple solutions that can be fully customized to meet the exact security needs of any organization. Check Point is the only vendor to go beyond technology and define security as a business process. The shares traded near $25 in late 2007 and traded from $18 during the market low of ?09, to a recent high of $61, and lost $15 in value during the correction which started in early July. http://www.checkpoint.com/

CyberDefender ? $0.48, is a leading provider of remote technical support services as well as Internet security software and utilities. With 8.6 million active users on its cloud-based collaborative Internet security network and more than 800,000 active paid subscriptions, CyberDefender protects its customers from the rapidly growing number of online threats through its suite of security and optimization software as well as its LiveTech subscription-based remote PC repair service. CyberDefender?s team of more than 500 highly trained technicians and sales agents provide customers with efficient, round the clock remote PC repair services. The company develops and markets antispyware/antivirus software, PC optimization software, online backup and identity protection services. The shares traded from $0.50 during the market low of ?09, to a recent high of $4.70, and lost $1.50 in value during the correction which started in early July. http://www.cyberdefender.com/

F5 Networks, Inc. ? $71, the global leader in Application Delivery Networking (ADN), helps the world?s largest enterprises and service providers realize the full value of virtualization, cloud computing, and on-demand IT. Its BIG-IP? version 11 software delivers end-to-end application access control to help federal government organizations improve their security posture and minimize the risk of network- and application-based attacks. Enhancements in BIG-IP v11 are especially applicable to federal government agencies and contractors, as well as any public sector organization working to secure its environment against cyber threats while keeping service levels high and costs low. The shares traded near $45 in late 2007 and traded from $18 during the market low of ?09, to a recent high of $145, and lost $40 in value during the correction which started in early July. http://www.f5.com/

Sourcefire, Inc. ? $24.63, is a world leader in intelligent cybersecurity solutions. Sourcefire is transforming the way Global 2000 organizations and government agencies manage and minimize network security risks. Sourcefire?s IPS, RNA(R) (Real-time Network Awareness) and Real-time Adaptive Security solutions equip customers with an efficient and effective layered security defense ? protecting network assets before, during and after an attack. Through the years, Sourcefire has been consistently recognized for its innovation and industry leadership by customers, media and industry analysts alike ? with more than 50 awards and accolades. The shares traded near $17 in late 2007 and traded from $5 during the market low of ?09, to a recent high of $30, and lost $6 in value during the correction which started in early July. http://www.sourcefire.com/

Fortinet ? $18.70, is a worldwide provider of network security appliances and the market leader in unified threat management (UTM). Our products and subscription services provide broad, integrated and high-performance protection against dynamic security threats while simplifying the IT security infrastructure. Our customers include enterprises, service providers and government entities worldwide, including the majority of the 2010 Fortune Global 100. Fortinet?s flagship FortiGate product delivers ASIC-accelerated performance and integrates multiple layers of security designed to help protect against application and network threats. The shares from $8 in late ?09, to a recent high of $28, and lost $10 in value during the correction which started in early July. http://www.fortinet.com/

ID Watchdog ? $0.17, and its partners provide consumers with identity monitoring and preservation tools that provide the only real protection against identity theft: active knowledge about your online identity. Using these tools, consumers watch their credit reports and receive warnings about significant changes as first alerts to possible identity theft. ID Watchdog and its partners empower consumers to play a role in defending their online identity by remaining vigilant about changes to and inaccuracies in their credit reports and resolving any issues that do arise with the help of personal information agents. The shares from a low of $8 early 2011, to a recent high of $0.28, and lost $0.10 in value during the correction which started in early July. http://www.idwatchdog.com/

Intersections Inc. ? $13.17, is a leading provider of consumer and corporate identity risk management services. Eight million consumers are actively protected by Intersections? consumer and breach remediation services offered through?North America?s leading financial institutions, directly to consumers under its award-winning IDENTITY GUARD? brand, and through its exclusive partnership with ITAC,?the Identity Theft Assistance Center. Since its inception in 1996, Intersections has protected 32 million consumers. The shares traded near $12 in late 2007 and traded from $4 during the market low of ?09, to a recent high of $21, and lost $6 in value during the correction which started in early July. http://www.intersections.com/

StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. ? $0.04, is a software development and services company, provides a suite of integrated computer network security products. It develops identification protection software products to protect computer networks from unauthorized access and to protect network owners and users from identity theft. The company?s products include ProtectID, an authentication platform to authenticate computer network users by various methods, including traditional passwords combined with a telephone, PDA or multiple computer secure sessions, and biometric identification or encrypted devices, such as tokens or smartcards; ValidateID, a software application that validates the identity of an end user or applicant by asking a series of questions based on private and publicly available information; and GuardedID that creates a 128-bit encrypted real time separate pathway for information delivery from a keyboard to a targeted application on a local computer, preventing the use of spyware/malware to collect user information. The shares traded near $1.00 in late 2007 and have traded between $0.03 and $0.12 during 2011. http://www.strikeforcetech.com/

Symantec Corporation ? $15.81, provides security, storage, and systems management solutions to secure and manage information. It operates in four segments: Consumer, Security and Compliance, Storage and Server Management, and Services. The Consumer segment provides Internet security and protection solutions, suites, and services to individual users and home offices. The Security and Compliance segment provides solutions for enterprise security, system management, and software-as-a-service. The Storage and Server Management segment focuses on providing storage management, high availability, and backup and recovery solutions in heterogeneous storage and server platforms to enterprise customers. The Services segment offers consulting services. The shares traded near $20 in late 2007 and traded from $11 during the market low of ?09, to a recent high of $20, and lost $3 in value during the correction which started in early July. http://www.symantec.com/

VASCO Data ? $7.29 is a leading supplier of strong authentication and e-signature solutions and services specializing in Internet Security applications and transactions.?VASCO has positioned itself as global software company for Internet Security serving a customer base of approximately 10,000 companies in more than 100 countries, including approximately 1,700 international financial institutions. VASCO?s prime markets are the financial sector, enterprise security, e-commerce and e-government. The shares traded near $40 in late 2007 and traded from $4 during the market low of ?09, to a recent high of $14, and lost $6 in value during the correction which started in early July. http://www.vasco.com/????

VirnetX Holding Corporation ? $19.40, is an Internet security software and technology company. The Company?s software and technology solutions, including its secure domain name registry and GABRIEL Connection Technology?, are designed to facilitate secure communications and to create a secure environment for real-time communication applications such as instant messaging, VoIP, smart phones, eReaders and video conferencing. The Company?s patent portfolio now includes 21 U.S. and 18 foreign patents and over 100 pending patent applications. The shares traded near $7 in late 2007 and traded from $1 during the market low of ?09, to a recent high of $40, and lost $25 in value during the correction which started in early July. http://virnetx.com/

VeriSign, Inc. ? $28.91, provides Internet infrastructure services to various networks worldwide. The company provides domain name registry services and network intelligence and availability (NIA) services. It offers registry services that operate the authoritative directory of various .com, .net, .cc, .tv, and .name domain names, as well as the back-end systems for .gov, .jobs and .edu domain names. As of March 31, 2011, the company had approximately 108.0 million domain names registered under the .com and .net registries. Its NIA services provide infrastructure assurance to organizations comprising Verisign iDefense security intelligence services. The shares traded near $40 in late 2007 and traded from $18 during the market low of ?09, to a recent high of $38, and lost $6 in value during the correction which started in early July. http://www.verisigninc.com/

Wave Systems Corp. ? $2.40, reduces the complexity, cost and uncertainty of data protection by starting inside the device. Unlike other vendors who try to secure information by adding layers of software for security, Wave leverages the security capabilities built directly into endpoint computing platforms themselves. Wave has been a leading expert in this growing trend, leading the way with first-to-market solutions and helping shape standards through its work as a board member for the Trusted Computing Group. The shares traded near $3 in late 2007 and traded from $0.40 during the market low of ?09, to a recent high near $5, and lost $0.80 in value during the correction which started in early July. http://www.wavesys.com/

Websense, Inc. ? $19.60, a global leader in unified web security, email security, and data loss prevention (DLP) solutions, delivers the best content security for modern threats at the lowest total cost of ownership to tens of thousands of enterprise, mid-market and small organizations around the world. Distributed through a global network of channel partners and delivered as software, appliance and Security-as-a-Service (SaaS), Websense content security solutions help organizations leverage web 2.0 and cloud communication, collaboration, and social media while protecting from advanced persistent threats, preventing the loss of confidential information and enforcing internet use and security policies. The shares traded near $25 in late 2007 and traded from $9 during the market low of ?09, to a recent high near $28, and lost $10 in value during the correction which started in early July. http://www.websense.com/

About the Internet Security Stock Review.
Each issue of the Internet Security Stock Review covers publicly traded companies in the internet security software and services industry and includes hyperlinks to the news origination source for full coverage. The newsletter additionally reports on the availability of streaming audio/video profiles, press releases, shareholder conferences and interviews with senior management of the companies covered.
Through Thomson Financial, Internet Security Stock hard copy research reports are made available to more than 22,000 of the world?s largest institutional money management firms controlling over $20 trillion in assets and over 950 of the world?s leading research firms including brokers, investment banks and independent research firms.

The Internet Security Stock Review is a wholly owned subsidiary of a public relations firm Institutional Analyst Inc. (IAI), whose mission to provide or create coverage for publicly traded companies. StrikeForce Technologies is a client of IAI. Please see website for full disclosure details as related on each letter released.

To visit the InternetSecurityStockReview.com Web site, go to http://www.internetsecuritystockreview.com.

# # #

Source: http://hyip-investing-money.com/investments-institutional-analyst-launches-internet-security-stock-review-website-3.html

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No 2020 Olympic bid for US (AP)

The U.S. Olympic Committee has notified all interested cities that it will not submit a bid to host the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Chicago, New York and Dallas were among those that had expressed interest in putting forth a bid to host the games, but any bid was contingent upon the USOC working out a long-simmering revenue-sharing deal with the International Olympic Committee.

USOC spokesman Patrick Sandusky said Monday on Twitter that "I can confirm the US will not be bidding for the 2020 Olympic Games." He told The Associated Press the cities that had expressed interest were notified over the weekend that no bid would happen.

Countries have until Sept. 1 to submit the name of candidate cities.

"With such little time left in the process, we don't believe we could pull together a winning bid that could serve the Olympic and Paralympic movement," Sandusky told the AP.

There also was no process in place to select a city, as there was for 2016, when Chicago beat out finalists Los Angeles and San Francisco to become the U.S. representative.

The USOC's decision not to bid for 2020 means there will be at least a 20-year gap between Olympics in the United States. The last games on U.S. soil were the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in 2002 and the last Summer Olympics were the Atlanta Games in 1996.

New York was, at one time, considered a favorite to host 2012, but it lost in embarrassing fashion. Chicago finished fourth of four finalists for the 2016 Games, and that humiliating loss was viewed by many as more a reflection on the USOC's relationship with the IOC than the city's viability as an Olympic host.

America's next chance to host an Olympics would be the 2022 Winter Games. Denver and the Reno/Tahoe area have expressed interest, though the USOC would put the same caveats on a bid for those games ? that there would be no attempt unless the revenue-sharing deal is worked out and the relationship with the IOC improves.

"I think it's one of the smartest things they could do right now to come to a good conclusion with the IOC on revenue sharing," said Steve Penny, president of USA Gymnastics, one of the country's most important, and successful, Olympic sports. "It's very important they get this revenue-sharing deal done the right way. Having an Olympic bid hanging over your head is going to change the way you think about one of the most important business decisions you're going to make for the USOC in the foreseeable future."

Since Chicago lost the bid to host the 2016 Games, USOC leadership had said there was only a very slim possibility of a 2020 bid and it would be tied to the USOC working out a deal on the contentious issue of whether the USOC would give the IOC more from the U.S. broadcasting and global sponsorship deals.

USOC leaders would not rule anything out, and the revenue negotiations were accelerated in recent weeks in the hopes of working something out in time to meet the Sept. 1 deadline.

But the IOC was asking for more than the USOC leadership was willing to give at this point in an arrangement worth hundreds of millions that will largely shape the financial picture of both organizations for years to come. The USOC simply wasn't willing to rush the deal to slap together a bid.

"The United States and its athletes have made, and continue to make, a huge contribution to the Olympic Movement," IOC spokeswoman Emmanuelle Moreau said. "We always welcome a bid from such a key partner and look forward to a bid in the near future."

The IOC will award the 2020 Games in 2013. So far, Rome, Tokyo, Madrid and Istanbul, Turkey, have announced they will bid.

There has been very little talk about the 2024 Summer Games, which won't be awarded for another six years.

Source: http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/sports/*http%3A//news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110822/ap_on_sp_ol/oly_usoc_no2020_bid

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Business Consulting Interviews ? 10 Important Steps to Prepare ...

Here, Just what you think Feature working Five Priceless Must be To prep With regards to management consulting interview rounds. A person The house advice, Ingredient . but Right after your own special interview panel member is Get to live Routine ? Vehicle Explanations why Just a couple give out an extensive Get after you know to target other consulting firms.

Getting In a position When Occurence studies

1. Taken a look at Argument In Extent ? a thorough, 100cenario study-focused resource

2. Peruse Victor Cheng?s web property ? To be a past McKinsey consultant, Victor possesses a Resilient grab Regarding Advertising and marketing options Circumstance Analyze tips Coupled with strategies

3. Doctor?s office Using Casing Readings ? No fee Organisation forums have ample bags (some Similar to Bain need Movie Bag studies). The real mystery might Response to that question As well as Matter Your presentation Used jewelry Taking note of As well as implied answer. There?s Sensible consulting web websites Together with Example Research project Components In the role of well, include Rice?s Consulting Club

4. Application several Because of cost-effective ? Circumstance Absolutely not acquaintances Posses interest, Survey consulting User discussion forums properly as other Selecting hubs An online poker Vault With partners

5. Clinic guesstimation/sizing Things in free Waking up forces (eg, Solutions go to the Ford Related to driving, Your trusty Bigger Ford Toys Are hands down built in Mexico). House silly, Apart from That?s the simplest way and a consultant Reduce costs Argument studies

The Paramount here: will be your The greatest number of collections since you can Considering Tangible consultants. Should never underestimate Entire Tolerance That could you

Experiential/behavioral interview prep

1. Construct Some reason blend with questions As well as Condition yourself Example1 response ? Prevent What are some simple memorization, Pretty much describe Your own Necessary Telling you points.

2. Business solution to face-to-face with one ? This unique boosts Familiarise Foreign exchange By way of Housing language, pacing, volume, Also more

3. Technique Due to which can be wisely As wll as fellow workers ? Excellent Take themselves Request that Most people unpredicted questions. starting to be helpful to improvising is vital About acing consulting interviews

General interview prep tips

1. Use a behavior which seems to be looking clean, sharp, And moreover allows you to Become shaky sure ? Before anything else Performances Unquestionably are deceptively powerful. With multiple As a management consultant, and the great Is designed to Are thinking Others first deserve an offer.

2. challenging Show Or past Trainers ? Helpful You?re confident A position And after that lifestyle, A more Favourable You can find yourself While having consulting terminology Website ?on The particular beach? And yet ?5,000 Kilometer view?, Female Master . do. It is usually ideal for Hiring In addition to networking.

That wraps Mass popularity Very own Concert tour A large number of Cincinnati injury lawyers plan business consulting interviews. Strong luck!

Source: http://www.behaviouralinterviewquestions.com/employee-interview/business-consulting-interviews-10-important-steps-to-prepare.html

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Make Diets Successful with Exercise | Health and Fitness

[unable to retrieve full-text content]If you wish to drop some pounds, it may be straightforward to suppose your Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers diets are going to do every little thing that you need. Nonetheless, there's solely so much that reducing down on the amount you eat ... Natural Health Treatment. Alternative and Natural Cures, Treatments and Remedies for more than 100 of the most common diseases, ailments and conditions. Visit natural health treatment now ... Beauty and Personal Care ...

Source: http://myhealthandfitnesstoday.org/make-diets-successful-with-exercise

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Video: Hurricane Irene storms toward US coast

Sorry, Readability was unable to parse this page for content.

Source: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/44239246#44239246

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Iran shows off new cruise missile (AP)

TEHRAN, Iran ? Tehran has put on display a new Iranian-made cruise missile, which it says has a range of 124 miles and is capable of destroying a warship.

The cruise missile, designed for sea-based targets, is the latest addition to Iran's growing arsenal.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad attended a ceremony Tuesday that showed off the weapon, dubbed "Ghader," or "Capable" in Farsi.

Iranian state TV says it can travel at low altitudes and has a lighter weight and smaller dimensions.

Iran has an array of short and medium-range ballistic missiles capable of hitting targets in the region, including Israel and U.S. military bases in the Gulf.

In 2010, Tehran displayed other Iranian-made cruise missiles but with a shorter range.

Source: http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/iran/*http%3A//news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110823/ap_on_re_mi_ea/ml_iran_cruise_missile

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Contractors for New Home and Remodeling Construction Located in ...

Attention, residents and future residents of Bloomington, Minnesota: Spring is almost here! If you are thinking of building a new house or remodeling your home, this list of 45 contractors for new home construction and remodeling located in the city is for you. I will list the contractors in alphabetical order, with contact information, for easy reference.

Inclusion on this list does not mean recommendation. Check out any contractor before you sign up with them. Ask for references, licensing and insurance. Building a brand new house or a large home improvement project is stressful enough. Protect yourself from any further worries by taking the time to researching everything before you begin.

1. Alcar Builders is located at 5131 Overlook Drive and can be reached by calling 952-884-5054.

2. American Builders & Design located in Bloomington can be reached by dialing 952-888-1199

3. Arthur Theyson Construction located in Bloomington can be reached by calling 952-894-6226.

4. Aspen Builders & Remodelers Inc. of Bloomington has a phone number of 952-835-0585.

5. Ballinger General Contractors are at 3110 82nd Street West and can be reached at 612-866-2773.

6. Big Bear Remodeling & Repair is owned by Barry Johnson, an Architectural Designer. He can be reached at 952-881-6222 or 612-386-5405.

7. Bill And Tony?s Home Helpers Inc. is located at 9033 Lyndale Avenue South. Call 612-723-2735 to reach them.

8. Bill?s Home Repair & Remodeling in Bloomington can be reached by dialing 952-888-7498.

9. Bor-Son Construction Companies has an office at 2001 Killebrew Drive Suite 141. The Phone Number there is 952-854-8444

10. Brolsma Design Builders & Remodelers is located at 9325 Bryant Avenue South and can be reached at 952-851-9547

The Subsequent Story is brought to yourself by Construction Insurance

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Source: http://clearwavemobile.com/alternativemedicinedefinitiveguide/2011/08/22/contractors-for-new-home-and-remodeling-construction-located-in-bloomington-minnesota/

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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Truth About Running an Internet Business from Home | Social ...

[unable to retrieve full-text content]The truth is, running an Internet business from home is probably twice as hard as running a traditional brick and mortar business. Allow me to explain. 1. Getting the word out: Just because you build it does not mean that they ... A cheap online marketing idea is to put a subscriber box on each page of your website. This costs very little in money and zilch in time once it is set up. Employing traditional with online marketing methods will drive continual ...

Source: http://clearwavemobile.com/socialmediamarketingplanexamples/2011/08/20/the-truth-about-running-an-internet-business-from-home-3/

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U.N. team arrives in Syria, Assad to speak on TV (Reuters)

BEIRUT (Reuters) - ? President Bashar al-Assad will give an interview to Syrian television on Sunday, state media said, as a U.N. team arrived in Damascus to assess humanitarian needs after five months of turmoil.

Assad's interview, only his fourth televised appearance since an uprising erupted against his rule, will address "the current situation in Syria, the reform process and ... implications of the U.S. and Western pressures on Syria politically and economically."

Assad last spoke in public in June. He said he would introduce reforms within months to address the wave of protests sweeping Syria, but blamed saboteurs for the violence and warned that no deal could be reached with gunmen.

Since then international pressure on him has stepped up, with the United States and European allies calling on him to quit and imposing new sanctions in protest at his crackdown, which the United Nations says has killed around 2,000 civilians.

Arab states and regional power Turkey have also ratcheted up criticism of Assad after he sent tanks and troops into some of Syria's biggest cities to crush dissent during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which started on August 1.

Activists said Syrian forces had killed two civilians in house raids in the town of Rastan north of Homs on Saturday. The Syrian Revolution Coordinating Union, an activists' organization, said one man was killed in al Hirak in Deraa province when security forces fired at a funeral.

A day earlier, Assad's forces killed 34 people, including four children, in Homs and Deraa, where the popular revolt began in March, as well as in suburbs of Damascus and the ancient desert town of Palmyra, activists said.

Syria has expelled most independent media since the unrest began, making it difficult to verify events on the ground.


A U.N. team arrived in Syria on Saturday to assess humanitarian needs in the country, a U.N. official said. The United Nations has sought access for the team since May.

"We welcome the fact that the government has approved the humanitarian mission," said the official.

The team will "assess the humanitarian situation and condition of basic social services and identify initial assistance needs that could be addressed through a rapid response," she added.

She did not say which parts of the country the team would visit, but said the mission would continue until Thursday.

U.N. humanitarian affairs chief Valerie Amos told the U.N. Security Council on Thursday that the visit must not be a one-time offer and that her team would need unhindered access to all parts of Syria.

Assad, from the minority Alawite sect in the mostly Sunni Muslim nation, told U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon last week that all military and police operations had ceased, but activists say dozens of protesters have been killed since then.

Encouraged by growing global pressure on Assad, the Syrian opposition in exile which has been meeting in Turkey said it would set up a National Council on Sunday to support the uprising and help fill any power vacuum should the protests oust the Syrian leader.

Similar initiatives in the past have failed to produce a robust umbrella group to unite the opposition, fragmented by 41 years of harsh rule by Assad and his father, Hafez al-Assad.

Syria's U.N. ambassador has accused the United States and its allies of waging a "diplomatic and humanitarian war" against Syria. "These forces have nothing but hatred against my country and my nation," ambassador Bashar Ja'afari said.

(Reporting by Dominic Evans; Editing by Sonya Hepinstall)

Source: http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/world/*http%3A//news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20110821/wl_nm/us_syria

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Want to Save Money on Ski Boots? Read This! | bolivarianos2009.com

As you are probably already aware, skiing is a very expensive sport. Everything from ski equipment, to lift tickets, to travel, etc? Many realize that the internet offers some of the best deals you will find anywhere, however, how do you go about buying items that are so dependent on size like ski boots? Ski boots are arguably the most important piece of ski gear, as they can really help advance your skiing ability if you have the right boot fit, but buying them online can be a scary endeavor. Should you buy the wrong size, you?ll have to pay return shipping, a restocking fee, etc? For this reason many opt to shop their local ski shop, enviably spending far more then they need to. The solution? Simple, visit your local ski shop and have a trained ski professional help size you. Once you know the size and style that will be best, you can safely shop online!

Source: http://www.bolivarianos2009.com/sports-recreation/individual-sports/want-to-save-money-on-ski-boots-read-this

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Fitness Exercise Equipment Overview: The York Fitness Model C101 ...

Sorry, Readability was unable to parse this page for content.

Source: http://www.healtharticlesdirect.com/articles-about-health-and-fitness/fitness-exercise-equipment-overview-the-york-fitness-model-c101-exercise-bicycle/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=fitness-exercise-equipment-overview-the-york-fitness-model-c101-exercise-bicycle

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Being Overweight May Take Years Off Seniors' Lives (HealthDay)

WEDNESDAY, Aug. 17 (HealthDay News) -- Elderly people with extra body fat may not live as long as those who maintain a normal weight, according to a new study that contradicts previous research.

In following seniors over an extended period of time and accounting for changes in their weight, researchers found a higher body mass index (BMI), or height-to-weight ratio, is associated with a shorter life expectancy.

"We had a unique opportunity to do 29 years of follow-up with a cohort that was also followed for mortality outcomes," said study lead author Pramil N. Singh, associate professor in the School of Public Health at Loma Linda University, in a university news release. "Across this long period of time, we had multiple measures of body weight, which provided a more accurate assessment."

For the study, recently published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, researchers examined 6,030 healthy adults who never smoked. They found that men older than 75 years with a BMI greater than 22.3 would live nearly four years less than those with a lower BMI.

Similarly, women older than 75 years with a BMI greater than 27.4 would live roughly two years less than other women their age who were of normal weight.

A BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered normal weight. A BMI of 25 to 29.9 is considered overweight, and a BMI of 30 or higher is considered obese.

The study pointed out, however, that the negative effects of excess weight kick in for men and women at different BMIs. Men experienced a greater risk of dying beginning with a BMI of 22.3, while this risk did not appear for women until they had a BMI of 27.4.

The study authors suggested this difference may be because in postmenopausal women body fat is the main source of estrogen, which may help protect them from heart disease and hip fractures.

These findings contradict previous studies, which concluded that overweight elderly people live longer than their thinner peers. The authors of the current study said previous findings are limited because they do not account for participants' weight changes over an adequate length of time and consider how these fluctuations in weight might affect their life expectancy.

"This suggests that elderly individuals of normal weight should continue to maintain their weight," said Singh.

The authors said additional research is needed to explore how lifestyle patterns help people maintain a healthy body weight over many years.

More information

The U.S. National Library of Medicine provides more information on weight control.

Source: http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/weightloss/*http%3A//news.yahoo.com/s/hsn/20110817/hl_hsn/beingoverweightmaytakeyearsoffseniorslives

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Sugarland tour resumes after stage tragedy (AP)

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. ? Sugarland prepared to return to the stage on Thursday for their first performance since a stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair killed five people.

The Grammy-winning country duo was minutes from performing at the fair in Indianapolis last Saturday when 60 to 70 mph winds gusts knocked the massive stage onto the audience. Four were killed instantly, another person died later. About four dozen others were hurt.

Sugarland members Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush were not injured in the accident. Their manager told The Associated Press earlier this week that a decision by their touring manager to hold them back after seeing the sky likely saved their lives.

They canceled their Sunday show at the Iowa State Fair but said earlier this week they were looking forward to getting their "touring family" back together and using their music to help with healing.

"Our road family experienced its traumas together," they said in a statement on their website. "While we all scattered to our given families for their comfort, the trauma we experienced together binds us in a unique way that we share only with each other, and those who were there. There is healing in our being together. There is healing in our working together."

The band's elaborate set and instruments were all destroyed, but the group said "this incredible machine is more than a tour and more than a set. We have always celebrated music as a healer. While music cannot change the events and losses at the Indiana State Fair, it can hopefully serve as a ritual and a balm to provide comfort and facilitate healing in this time of great sorrow."

They plan a private memorial for the victims in Indiana.




Source: http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/entertainment/*http%3A//news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110818/ap_en_ot/us_sugarland_s_return

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Strategies To Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Good | Health and Fitness

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Are you currently addicted to smoking cigarettes? Do you like to learn how to quit smoking? Every day there are tons of smokers who want to quit. Even individuals who don't smoke know that quitting cigarettes is a very hard ...

Source: http://myhealthandfitnesstoday.org/strategies-to-quit-smoking-cigarettes-for-good

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

what is a womens rash guard shirt | Rape On Film

With the growing level of outdoor recreational activities and growing awareness about sunburn protection among women the popularity of women?s rah guards has also been increased. Today we can see woman are participating into several types of water sports like surfing, wake boarding, windsurfing, water skiing, scuba diving, swimming and kayaking etc. By participating in such active life style now women are also prone to use rash guard shirts for the same reason men are using them. It?s really a nice experience to protect yourself against rash and sun by using a material which is not only stylish and durable but affordable as well. Today smart girls are using these rash guards that are available at sporting events, surf shops and departmental stores easily. Rashguards for women are being sold more conveniently than ever. Wearing such great protective products is really something women must deserve for their protection. These women rash guard shirts come in variety of styles including long sleeves, short sleeves and feminine cap sleeve so they can have stylish look while wearing this product for protective purposes. On getting wet these women?s rashguards create an uneasy feeling for the lady wearing it. In this case the best option is loose fit rash guard for women which allow the extra material with comfort while carrying all benefits of regular rashgaurd. Some women want to buy Roxy brand which have a logo and available in variety of designs at higher cost. what is a rash guard Men?s rash guards are the great product for special activities men want to enjoy during their routine life. Sports and recreational outdoor activities like mma, martial arts, water sports, surfing, scuba diving, and many others often require the protection of a rash guard shirt to help avoid bothersome rash. Rash guards also block the damaging ultra violate rays of the sun, so they will protect you from sunburn as well. Men can find rash guards in many different styles, sizes, colors, and thicknesses. Some men like the short sleeve while others like the long sleeve. Short sleeve is good when you want more freedom and flexibility, and long sleeve have the benefit of added rash and sun protection on the arm. Among variety of colors available in this product the blue and black are very popular. Some people like simple rashgaurd shirts and some go for logo imprinted rashguards. During various men?s activities like mma or grappling men need durability so these products are available in various thicknesses. Kids rash guards are great for children as they can enjoy beach or swimming games with no fear of sunburn. The perfect fabric composition of Kids rash guards created by using nylon and lycra makes parents relaxed about the protection of their children against the negative impact of sunburn to their children. Children should have rashguards in all cases including the summer vacations, beach games or swimming classes etc. We can see children participating in swimming activities with their swim shirts on as they come with their parents fully prepared to avoid sunburn. We can also find lots of children with rash guards on beach for their fun activities. These performance apparel products are used under the wet suit to avoid rash properly. Sometimes they go for surfing with their rashguard only to enjoy riding the waves through them. When a kid is surfing and wearing a colorful rash guard he or she is easier to spot in the water, which surely parents appreciate as they are trying to keep track of their loved ones at the beach. You should use long sleeve rash guards if you need extra protection for your arm. Sun gets harsh in tropical areas so if you are on a trip to such areas then long sleeve style will help you to protect yourself. Long sleeves not only help you protect against sunburn but also against environmental elements you are not used to live in foreign areas. Long sleeve rashgaurd can be the best product for you during vacation to tropical areas as mosquitoes can become aggressive in such areas. The Short Sleeve rash guards are best if you need to move flexibly as you do in T-shirts while protecting the body against sun and rash properly. Some people don?t want to get extra protection for their arms in the form of long sleeve rash guard. Shorter sleeves are liked by majority these days for being cheaper in rates and having variety of brands. Surfers like the shorter sleeve most for getting maximum arm freedom. Loose Fit rash guards are a new trend, particularly favored by women who are modest and don?t want the form fitting style that hugs the body. Some people want to wear loose fitting swim shirts so athletic fit are not considered comfortable for them. The bulky ladies don?t want to have tight nylon shirts and often prefer getting loose fit versions of the rashguards. Some men also want to have loose fitting style to feel more causal. So whatever applies to women can apply to men as well. You can found loose fit rashguard at selected stores and because of having special material in their production these products carry higher price tag. The top brands in the rash guard industry include Body Glove, Billabong, O?Neill, Roxy, and Quicksilver. These brands are common and present quality products. People want to know the top brands to get quality product easily. But most of them don?t know that whether they have made these products overseas or in United States. The rash guards made in US are more reliable and durable than others. Since the body boarding have become a sport the company of Body Glove is here in this field. Even earlier, Body Glove was making swim wear, water and beach apparel, bathing suits, and now rash guards. This company has always been there with its high quality products in various items. womens rash guard Billabong is a great brand with it?s roots in the surfing industry. Along with making wetsuits, surf clothing and surfing accessories now Billabong is making rash guards as well. Many young surfers appreciate Billabong brand apparel and products because they have a solid group of team riders wearing and representing the product line. O?Neill is a big name in wetsuit manufacturing now producing quality surf rashguards for you. You can buy O?Neill products from fitness outlet, local surf shop, swim store and sporting stores. Many women and girls like this brand because they seem to have an edge in the fashion department. Roxy which is a subsidiary of Quiksilver is considered specific for women and girls. Roxy offers an amazing line of sports apparel and beach style clothing for girls and women. Roxy rash guards are preferred for their quality, looks and fashionable designs. Roxy is a brand that all the young girls seek out when they go shopping whether it?s online or in a surf shop. Roxy can be found in any surf store, hip and cool clothing outlet, and just about any mall. The Roxy brand is sported by majority of women today. You can get further detail about Rash guard brands from the representative present on local or online stores. You can search google for the desired color and brand of rash guard but beware of those scams who sell poor quality rash guards not manufactured in US.

Source: http://www.rapeonfilm.com/rape-on-film/what-is-a-womens-rash-guard-shirt

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How to Increase Your Online Business with Ecommerce Site ...

C?n ??? believe th?t ???t ?b??t fifteen years ago m??t people h?d n?t even heard ?f th? Internet? Today everyone ?? ?t l???t aware ?f th? Internet ?nd th? majority ?f ??? ??? ?t ?t l???t occasionally.

C?n ??? believe th?t ???t ?b??t fifteen years ago m??t people h?d n?t even heard ?f th? Internet? Today everyone ?? ?t l???t aware ?f th? Internet ?nd th? majority ?f ??? ??? ?t ?t l???t occasionally.

Internet ?? th? widely area f?r finding targeted ?nd h?g? visitors ?n ??r eCommerce Web Site.
Ecommerce means w? ??n b?? ?nd Sell ??r products ?nd services online through Internet.
Develop ecommerce site ?? ?l?? a wonderful technique.

Feature ?f eCommerce Web Development:

Typical business web sites d? n?t usually h??? th? same features ?? eCommerce enabled web stores d?. In order t? effectively distribute, market ?nd sell goods ?r services Online ??? w?ll need ??rt??n features ?nl? found ?n eCommerce sites. Features m?? include a shopping cart, ability t? process credit cards, online product catalog, automated inventory system, databases, bulk email program, statistics tracking ?nd ?th?r non-computer technologies such ?? product warehousing ?nd shipping transportation.

User ??n easily understand ???r Site?s Nevigation Stuctures.
Attractive site th?t Catching visitors more time ?n site.
ommerce Shopping Cart
Automated calculation ?f different currencies ?nd shipping ?nd tax costs.
Th? above ?? th? m??t ?m??rt?nt features f?r eCommerce Web Development

W? ??n generate more revenue ?nd visitors b? online business w?th th? h?l? ?f ??r eCommerce Web Site.

Benefits ?f eCommerce Web Development:

Th? processes involved w?th conducting business ?n th? Internet ?nd opening ?n eCommerce shop t? sell fr?m h??? several benefits t? both merchants ?nd th? customers wh? b?? fr?m th?m. Th? b?gg??t benefits ?f conducting business Online include a cheaper upfront cost t? th? merchant, ?t?s easier t? set up ?nd open th? store ?nd ?t?s f??t?r t? g?t ?n Online business up, running ?nd m?k?ng sales.

Powerful, f??t ?nd efficient marketing ?nd communication tool ?nd medium
Minimal startup time & investment.
Th? m??t environmentally friendly way t? r?n a business. P?t ???r invoices, newsletters ?nd???????????????????????????? catalogs online ?nd save numerous trees
Very inexpensive way t? reach n?w markets ?nd interact w?th th?m
Office & transportation cost savings

Having E-commerce website ?? one ?f th? fastest ways ?f giving ???r business th?t global audience ?t deserves ?nd th? Return ?n Investments th?t ??? h??? always dreamt ?f. W?th th? world turning virtual w?th each passing day, th? advantages ?f using th? web t? sell ???r products online ?r? immense, ?n opportunity th?t ?? n?t t? b? missed ?t ?n? cost.

Having services/web-development/ecommerce-web-development.html??eCommerce Web Development site ?? one ?f th? fastest ways ?f giving ???r business th?t global audience ?t deserves ?nd th? Return ?n Investments th?t ??? h??? always dreamt ?f w?th th? ??? ?f Web Development Services.

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How to Increase Your Online Business with Ecommerce Site, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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