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QE 2 Results-article

QE 2 Results - esociety

QE 2 Results

Part II examinations Financial Management

General comments on the QE PART 2

Potential financial management CA (SA) has achieved excellent results in the second part of the examination, Financial Management (QE II), wrote in November 2010, has reached an overall success rate of 72.5% in length, a significant improvementcompared to previous years 64%.

A total of 178 candidates sat the QE II, which is above the 150 candidates who sat for the examination in 2009.?It ?was in 2010, the African black candidate has a majority of candidates, including the QE II Sat

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reached the apex of the results of this year, the continued success of African black candidate, the success rate is that 20% of employees increased from 49% to 69% between 2009 and 2010.?This leads to two-thirds increase by a further 68 candidates passed QE II compared to 2009.?The overall success rate was with the Indians, the African blacks and whites 67% compared to 52% for 2009, so that the movement has confirmed SAICA transformation initiatives will emerge as a black candidate.

Matsobane Matlwa, CEO of South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), while congratulating all the mayors prospect that the QE II in the past, said there was no relaxation of the stringent requirements of future CA (SA).??We know that maintaining high standards of the CA (SA) is what the word so after looking around the world.?

Mr. Jan-Daniel Symington of Nedbank Limited achieved the honors (75% or more) at the QE II, an incredibly impressive performance requires talent and dedication.

Three of the ten best candidates are black (both African and one Indian).

Mandi Olivier, SAICA Senior Executive: ? a direct result of the public sector, providing training facilities for professional development is particularly on the representation of the two candidates from the public, finished fifth and eighth positions municipalities will receive the entire Top Ten Possible impressed CA (?SA) since 2007, ?The quality of training at the National Fund and SARS show that offers the same position with the ability of private enterprises and companies in the CAS (SA).

?The market now is no doubt aware of the quality of education given to future CAS (SA) in the public sector, especially in prestigious institutions such as the South African Revenue Services (SARS) and the National Fund,? said Olivier.

General comments on the documents


Regarding the primary objective of Part II examinations (Financial Management) to test the integrated application of practical knowledge, candidates are tested on their ability -

* Application of knowledge in the field for the control of the curriculum;

* Identify, define and classify the problems and issues;

* The analysis of information;

* Resolve problems in a comprehensive way;

* Give a crisis;

* Evaluate alternatives and propose practical solutions to meet the needs of users,

* Communicate clearly and effectively.


A review of responses to two test questions for the examination in November 2010 were the following significant deficiencies.?These problems affected the overall performance of candidates, and there is concern that candidates annually make the same mistakes.

2.1.?Layout and presentation

Applicants must be time for the planning, design and presentation of answers in the past would be on paper, how to change the presentation notes for about 5% of the total marks available.?Marks are awarded for the presentation of the case and candidates must answer questions in the desired format, such as a letter of association or relationship.?The quality of writing is also an ongoing problem and had a particular interest in examining the current year.?It ?important that candidates use appropriate language in the design of responses, such as the use of language ?SMS? is an unacceptable form of communication for the QE II


Loyalty is not quality, excellent volume.?Verbosity is no substitute for clear, precise, logical thinking and good presentation.?Irrelevant learn without signs.


It ?important that candidates show their work and supporting detailed calculations, the numbers in their responses.

2.4.?The recommendations and interpretations

The answers to these requirements are generally poor, either because the candidates to explain the principles of arithmetic or avoided as they may apply to engage in a process that is.?It ?necessary to enable the creation, when a query for them and support them with reasons.

2.5.?Examination Technique

Examination technique remains the main feature to distinguish between candidates who pass and those that fail.?Many candidates did not know the issues and necessary, for example, when answers are needed, or in statements during the calculations, if needed debate on the appropriate disclosure.


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