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Toyota Recalling 2006-07 Highlander Hybrids, Lexus RX 400h SUVs ...

Fresh off an impressive showing in the 2011 J.D. Power and Associates Initial Quality Study, Toyota today announced a voluntary safety recall for 2006-2007 Highlander Hybrid?s and Lexus RX 400h vehicles.

Toyota says that some of the 45,500 Highlanders and 36,700 RX 400hs may have defective soldering on the Intelligent Power Module.

Because of the weak solder joints, the IPM ?could be damaged from heat caused by a large current flow during high-load driving.? If this were to happen, a damaged transistor within the IPM will blow a circuit supply fuse and the instrument panel would light up like a Christmas Tree. Toyota says effected vehicles will ?coast to a stop.?

At the moment, Toyota does not have replacement parts, but when they become available, owners of potentially effected vehicles will be notified via first-class mail advising them to make an appointment with an authorized dealer, where the IPM will be inspected and if deemed necessary, replaced free of charge.

Toyota says no other vehicles are involved.

Source: Toyota




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HOT PLR! Social Media: 2 Reports, Videos & Bonus

[PLR] Hot! Social Media: 2 Reports, Videos & Bonus

Whether it?s for offline businesses or online info traffic pulling, social media is definitely a great online power tool.


Two Reports

  • Top Five Social Media Sites ? Count: 2424 (This report lists the top five social media sites, who they are best suited to and how to use them for marketing)
  • Build Your Social Media Army ? Count: 1568 (This report discusses how to build your social media army using Twitter, Facebook and Youtube)


Three PowerPoint Presentations and Videos

  • Why LinkedIn and The Benefits to Your Business
  • Sealing Deals with Private Messaging on LinkedIn
  • How to Use Groups to Build Business Connections on LinkedIn


These three videos come in four formats

- PowerPoint editable

- Camtasia Editable.pptx

- Camtasia Editable with no music Mp4

- Camtasia Editable with music Mp4

There is no narration on the videos so they are more flexible for you to use either with your own narration and editing or just with the music. Plus, you can easily duplicate the slides in PowerPoint to add more of your own content

Four Articles

? 10 Steps to Getting Leads on the Internet -Words: 595

? How to get your daily social media posts done in less than an hour ? Words: 409

? How to stop spammers taking over your Facebook page ? Words: 443

? Is Facebook the last word in social networking ? Words: 476

All content is original and written by me.


What Others Are Saying About This New PLR Package





Non-Transferable?PLR Rights:

[YES] Can put your name on as the author.

[YES] Can edit the contents.

[YES] Can sell for personal use only.

[YES] Can be made into a physical product and sold.

[YES] Can be bundled into a paid package.

[YES] Can be added to a paid membership site (but NOT a?PLR site.)

[YES] Can be published on CD or DVD.

[YES] Can be offered as a bonus.

[NO] Can keep my name on it.[

NO] Can be sold in dimesales or firesales.

[NO] Can pass along Private Label Rights (PLR) in ANY format.




Add To Cart

P.S ?Here?s a few ideas of what you can do with your PLR.

It?s not the wisest move to stick it in the Kindle store. Nope, bad move.

Here are some better suggestions.

For IM peeps:

  • Flip it, spin it, slice it, dice it and serve it up with a few of your own catchy phrases to make it unique. Add some screen caps if you?re using the?PLR in blogs.
  • Make your own slideshows with the reports and articles and place them on slide sharing sites.
  • Break out your free Audacity software or a Dictaphone and make a podcast series.
  • Use the reports as bonuses or divide them up into an auto responder series or blog series.
  • Add your affiliate links in them where applicable.
  • Package it all up into one big powerhouse social media course with your own added extras and promote it to local business owners (you can even make a CD to sell for more money online).
  • Use it as inspiration for your own social media package.

For Offline Marketers:

  • Use it in seminars or meet-up group talks. Just print the reports out with your own logo and hand it to business owners at the meetings so they can keep it after your talk.
  • I?ve actually done 20 minute talks and in-house training with information I?m sharing here. Information contained in the?PLR adds to your authority which leads to business and or has businesses booking you to train them or do work for them. Offer a coupon with your presentation or talk for a complimentary consultation.
  • If you go the CD route you could even sell it to bricks and mortar stores (door to door)
  • Use it with one-to-one coaching clients via Skype chat. There?s more than enough information here for you to do a full social media course. Use the reports for notes and or share the screen for PowerPoint presentations.
  • The PowerPoint presentations are editable so feel free to add your logo to them and add more slides if you wish, (duplicate a slide and place additional text in it). The sky is the limit.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas of how you can use this?PLR in an ethical and creative way.

This will get you your cash back quickly and stop the dust forming on it in your hard drive.

You can gain quick cash or long term business depending on what methods you use.



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Face of Defense: Officer Recalls WAC Era

By Jon Connor
Deputy Commander-Regional Support, NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan, June 28, 2011 ? The 1970s probably seem like a long time ago for today?s new soldiers, but for one officer serving in Afghanistan, the era is still a vivid memory of when female soldiers were treated differently than men.

Army Lt. Col. Kimberly Marlowe is reminded of that time whenever she glances down at a gold ring she wears on her left hand. The ring is a symbol of her time as a member of the Women?s Army Corps.

?We are a dying breed,? said Marlowe, 53, who is deployed here with Regional Support Command-South, NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan. Marlowe serves as the command?s transition officer for geographical and institutional functional areas.

When not deployed, Marlowe is an environmental quality analyst for the Military and Veterans Affairs Department in Grayling, Mich.

On her ring is a depiction of Pallas Athena, the insignia of the Women's Army Corps. Athena is a Roman and Greek goddess associated with a variety of womanly virtues. Athena, along with the traditional ?U.S.? was selected for the lapel uniform insignia -- cut out for officers and placed on discs for enlisted women.

The Women's Army Corps began as the Women?s Auxiliary Army Corps in 1942, in the early part of World War II, but was shortened to WAC within a year. Its first director was Oveta Culp Hobby, a prominent society woman from Texas.

A physical training manual, published by the War Department in July 1943, aimed at bringing the female recruits to top physical standards. The manual begins by stating their responsibility: ?Your Job: To Replace Men. Be Ready To Take Over.?

While most women served in the States during the war, some served in Europe, North Africa and New Guinea.

The thousands of women that served during World War II enabled the equivalent of seven divisions of men to fight. Army Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower stated that "their contributions in efficiency, skill, spirit, and determination are immeasurable."

Women mainly served in administrative and nursing positions. During the Vietnam War women could only be in their 20s to serve in theater, Marlowe said. In 1972, 56,000 women were serving in the Army.

After the Vietnam War ended, much had changed in American society. The Army had changed, too, and recognized that the concept of having a separate women?s corps was outdated.

The U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., began accepting female cadets in 1976. That year, 119 women were admitted. Four years later, 62 graduated and paved the way for more to follow.

The Women's Army Corps ?dissolved because of equal opportunity,? Marlowe said. ?The 60s and 70s were huge in women?s equal rights.?

In October 1978, President Jimmy Carter abolished the WAC -- women and men now would train together and be treated as equals regarding promotions, assignments and military protocol.

?The WAC had a lot of history," Marlowe said. "It just felt like that was being taken away.?

Yet, ending the WAC ?was a good thing,? Marlowe said.

?Men and women started training together,? she said. ?Women were taken more seriously. The men got to see them doing the same training they did.?

After completing 11th grade, Marlowe said she was sick of school and quit in 1975. Her mother told her to finish school or join the military. After earning her GED, that?s exactly what Marlowe did in November of that year.

?When I came in, I was a 17-year-old kid who hated school,? Marlowe said. The Army, she added, pushed her to excel.

Marlowe decided to become a military policewoman. ?I just thought it would be fascinating,? she said.

Marlowe?s first three years in the Army were in the WAC. She served in Wurzburg, Germany, when the Army was still using the quarter-ton jeep.

After three years of active duty, she opted for National Guard duty, serving in the engineering field where she stayed for nearly two decades. She then left engineering and joined the 46th Military Police Command.

In 1989, Marlowe enrolled in Officer Candidate School after it was suggested to her.

?As an officer, maybe I could do more,? she explained. Fifteen months later Marlowe was commissioned as an officer in the Army?s engineer branch.

Marlowe also went onto earn a bachelor?s degree in fisheries and wildlife management in 1998 from Lake Superior State University, Mich. In 2006, she received her master?s degree in organizational management from Spring Arbor University, Mich.

In 1999, Marlowe was named the first female to command an engineer company -- an Assault Ribbon Bridge company -- in the Michigan Army National Guard.

?I learned a lot,? she said. ?I had great soldiers working for me.?

In 2004, Marlowe transferred into military intelligence, and also taught Officer Candidate School for three years. She deployed to Iraq in 2008 and served in Mosul, Baghdad and Taji as a combat engineer adviser.

When she isn?t in uniform or at her civilian job, Marlowe runs a 20-acre farm breeding horses. She currently has 13 horses and two donkeys.

She also plans to stay in the National Guard until 2015 and then retire with 40 years of military service.

Looking back, Marlowe knows she?s come a long way -- a private running a traffic control point in Germany to a lieutenant colonel traveling the world.

?I?ve had a wonderful ride with this," she said. "There?s a lot of pride in this for me. For a kid coming up now, the opportunities are endless.?

Marlowe knows this firsthand. She has three children, with a son in the active-duty Army serving in Hawaii as a utilities equipment repairer. He was deployed in Bagram, Afghanistan, when Marlowe was in Iraq.

Marlowe?s choice of both an Army and civilian career has allowed her to experience the ?best of both worlds,? she said.

However, ?once you?re a soldier, you?re always that soldier,? she said.


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Pakistan expels British trainers of anti-Taliban soldiers | Zaykar ...

US raid on bin Laden compound thought to be reason for expulsion of team of military advisers

Pakistan has expelled a team of British military trainers sent to help with the fight against the Taliban and al-Qaida, as the fallout from the US raid that killed Osama bin Laden continues to rock relations between Islamabad and its western allies.

The Ministry of Defence confirmed that at least 18 military advisers, deployed as part of a ?15m programme to train the paramilitary Frontier Corps, have been withdrawn from Pakistan. Most are already back in the UK.

Their removal is seen as an indirect casualty of worsening relations between Pakistan and the US over the 2 May Navy Seal raid in Abbottabad, which was conducted without Pakistani consent.

Although British relations with Pakistan are warmer, the embattled army, stung by a barrage of public criticism, is keen to demonstrate its independence from all western allies.

Since Bin Laden's death, Pakistan has sent home at least 120 US military trainers, most of whom were engaged in training the FC. The British team, a mix of seasoned officers and NCOs, had been stationed at a British-funded FC base near the capital of Balochistan, Quetta.

The training scheme began last August and was scheduled to run until at least summer 2013. The MoD hopes to redeploy the team once the tensions abate.

In an email statement, a spokeswoman said the trainers had been withdrawn "on a temporary basis" at the request of the Pakistani government in response to "security concerns".

"The training teams will continue their own training and will be ready to redeploy at the first possible opportunity," she told the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

The 60,000-strong FC, which is deployed along the length of the 1,600-mile border with Afghanistan, has long been in the frontline of Pakistani efforts to combat Taliban militancy and flush al-Qaida from its tribal havens.

But its troops are considered under-trained and ill-equipped, and Pakistan's western allies have in recent years prioritised a multimillion pound effort to bolster their skills and equipment.

That programme has now virtually collapsed as US-Pakistani relations fall to their lowest point in a decade. The trouble began in January after a CIA contractor, Raymond Davis, shot dead two men in Lahore, prompting the withdrawal of a quarter of the US training force.

The reductions accelerated following the Bin Laden raid, as the military sought to signal its displeasure with its western allies ? in particular the CIA ? and to boost its faltering public support.

After a 9 June meeting to discuss the crisis, the military leadership issued a statement in which it disputed American claims of $15bn (?9.4bn) in aid over the past decade, and suggested that future US military assistance should be diverted to civilian economic programmes. CIA drone strikes were "not acceptable under any circumstances," the military said.

The US says it wants to rebuild the relationship, deemed "too important to fail" but tensions have erupted at ground level. Last week the Pakistani media reported that US trainers had clashed with base guards when prevented from retrieving personal effects after being ordered to leave. The US embassy in Islamabad denied the incident.

The FC, which draws its recruits from the Pashtun tribes along the Afghan border, has suffered heavy losses in recent years. Its paramilitary troops have led assaults on mountainous Taliban strongholds and been targeted in numerous suicide bombings. In May, a large attack on a training centre of the related Frontier Constabulary killed 100 young recruits.

But the FC has also been accused of numerous human rights violations, particularly in Balochistan where the British base is located. Human rights groups say the FC has played a central role in a vicious crackdown on Baloch nationalist insurgents, who are unrelated to the Taliban, that has resulted in hundreds of illegal abductions and extra-judicial executions.

Dawn newspaper has reported that at least 170 suspected nationalists, many abducted by FC personnel, had been killed since July 2010. Most bore the marks of severe torture.

A furore erupted last month after video footage showed FC troops shooting dead five unarmed Chechens, including a pregnant woman, at a checkpost in Quetta. The government says it is investigating the incident.

The British team at the Quetta camp was reportedly working alongside six US advisers, helping to train 360 recruits at a time on 12-week courses.

The US has funded a much larger FC training centre on the outskirts of Peshawar.

A military spokesman in Islamabad said between 200 and 300 US military personnel remain in the country.


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Lorenzo Charles Dead: Ex-North Carolina State Star Killed In Bus Accident

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Former North Carolina State basketball star Lorenzo Charles, the muscular forward whose last-second dunk gave the underdog Wolfpack the 1983 national collegiate championship, was killed Monday when a bus he was driving crashed, a company official said Monday.

Elite Coach general manager Brad Jackson said Charles, 47, worked for the company and was driving one of its buses on Interstate 40.

Raleigh police spokesman Jim Sughrue said no passengers were aboard.

Charles secured his spot in N.C. State lore 28 years ago in the final moments of the Wolfpack's matchup with Houston in the national championship game.

He grabbed Dereck Whittenburg's 30-foot shot and dunked it at the buzzer to give N.C. State a 54-52 win and its second national title, sending coach Jim Valvano spilling onto the court, scrambling for someone to hug in what has become one of the lasting images of the NCAA tournament.

"It's still kind of amazing to me that ... people are still talking about it," Charles said in an excerpt from his comments about the championship game on his N.C. State Web page. "I remember when (it) first happened, I figured I would have my 15 minutes of fame and that would be it. Here we are and it is still a conversational piece. I don't really think that was the only great Final Four finish that has been played since then, but for some reason people just single out that game and talk about it. Maybe because it was such a David and Goliath thing."

N.C. State entered the NCAA tournament with a 17-10 record, having beaten Virginia to win the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament and an automatic berth into the national field. Charles would hit two free throws with 23 seconds left in the West Regional finals against the Cavaliers to give the Wolfpack a 63-62 victory and the spot in the Final Four.

The famous win against Houston is also memorable because of personable coach Jim Valvano's emotional burst onto the court afterward, running around almost in disbelief at his team's improbable run to the championship.

Charles finished his college career two years later with 1,535 total points ? 15th on the school's scoring list ? and his .575 shooting percentage in 1985 remains a school record for seniors. He played one season in the NBA, averaging 3.4 points in 36 games with the Atlanta Hawks in 1985-86, and played internationally and in the Continental Basketball Association until 1999.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Selecting Good Quality Gardening Gear | Top Home Improvement Projects

Ever since plants first began being sowed and harvested for the purpose of providing food, people have been trying to find the right garden tools to make the job easier. You?ll even find that some of the very earliest types of tools are still in use today as their designs are so effective. Depending on the size of your garden, the tools you may require should be suited to your own needs. Of course, it?s also possible to still do well with only the most basic of garden tools. This could mean having only sufficient tools to turn over the soil, dig and get through the basic chores of caring for plants. If you are not so familiar with what is available, then that can be easily remedied. This article will discuss in more detail some basic garden tools and their uses.

Gardening tools and lawn tools are not the same thing. There are tools that can be used in more than one area, because some tools can overlap other areas. When you want to plant something in your garden, a garden hoe is a good tool to use to get it ready. When creating a large garden, a good tool to use would be a lawn tractor, if it also has attachments that will work for a garden. When you don?t have the right tools, there are places that rent them. An aerating or watering tool can be used as a gardening tool, and even a lawn tool. Just because you shouldn?t force a tool to do the wrong thing, doesn?t meant that a tool can?t have more uses than one. So, as always, it just depends on your property and how everything is laid out and situated.

Many times it is not advisable to water your garden plants straight from the hose. Very small plants or delicate plants are easily damaged with higher water pressure from the hose. To avoid this happening, use a watering can and be sure to water only at the base of the plant. If you still want to use a hose, be sure you buy the correct attachments for watering delicate plants. You will also need to be able to throttle the water pressure to avoid damage. The materials used to make watering cans and hose attachments will vary, so choose one to suit you.

Another very handy garden tool is the garden hoe, which is great for preparing soil and garden beds. You?ll find there are plenty of different styles, sizes and types of these available. When you need to work the soil over, the manual hoe is ideal. Tilling the soil can be important for aerating soil, creating more friable garden beds and allowing water to soak in more easily. Even if you cannot lift heavy loads, it does not matter when you are using a hoe for this purpose. Many areas may find that soil is very compacted after winter, so you might want to break it up and loosen it using a pitch-fork or garden fork before switching to a hoe to till it gently. Do you have any tools that you wonder why you bought them, but then the day comes when you need it. The same can be said about owning all of the important gardening tools, because some day they will all be used.

Good gardening equipment is really important, still if you wish to build up your lovely and fruitful garden it?s also recommended to get a step-by-step guidebook which can teach you precisely how you can do it right.

Check these reviews on Food4Wealth and the Aquaponics4You Book and learn about two of the most recommended gardening books on the market.

In case you are also searching for a healthy diet plan to boost your overall health then you may also find Holly Rigsby?s Fit Yummy Mummy to be useful for you.

I wish you the best!


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Obesity ? Structuring Activities for Our Youth

It is a well documented fact that youth obesity is at epidemic proportions in the western world. Technology, eating habits and insufficient physical activity all play a major role in regard to the general health and well-being of our youth. Previous generations had a much healthier lifestyle than our youth today?basically technology free; higher physical activity levels; less opportunity, money and temptations to frequent the takeaway food outlets; and healthier eating habits, often growing their own vegetables and serving clean balanced meals. Many of today?s youth face the terrible fact that they are going to die before their parents.

Introducing adolescents to sport is a major move in the right direction, developing their social skills and addressing their unique physical and psychological characteristics is crucial to them attaining the required balance of fitness and mental well-being in later life. Participation in sport has the effect of lifting self esteem which in turn is associated with successful completion of tasks and achievement of standards, either defined by themselves or for example by the Coach. Reputable coaches are available in all forms of sport today, they are highly trained with many specialising in training adolescents. You can contact the relevant coaching organisations in your area for advice on coaches, their qualifications and experience. A capable coach will develop rapport with the adolescent athlete, developing a mutual respect together with an understanding of the psychosocial changes that will confront the athlete while under the coaches control.

The importance of choosing a capable coach in your child?s chosen sport cannot be under estimated. Many parents are under great stress in contemporary society today, with work commitments, financial pressures and home duties. Finding the time to keep informed in regard to exactly what your child is up to on the internet, what they are eating on a daily basis and addressing their levels of self esteem just to name a few are all time consuming tasks. When you are satisfied that you have a capable coach, you can feel relieved that many of the important areas that you are struggling to find the time for are being addressed by the coach. As children progress through phases in their lives, the distinct shift from the playful, self indulgent, low dicipline area to sport where they are subjected to a more structured, imposed and restricted approach will have huge benefits both for them and the parents.

As a fitness trainer and personal coach I hope that this article will be of some help to parents out there of whom are struggling with finding the required balances in regard to their children?s general health & well-being.

Slim Supple & Strong is the complete guide to the NEW YOU. The Step by Step guide initially gives you a complete understanding of the body and what is required for sustainable, natural weight loss and conditioning. Go To:

Best Regards

Gary Richards (Fitness Trainer, Personal Coach and Author)


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Recreation and Sports - Topics Info

Skateboard Decks came further over the past year or two. They are manufactured in a number of dimensions, types in addition to pertaining to numerous types of skateboarding. Via freestyle decks in order to longboards, skateboard organizations nowadays incorporate some point for each type of skater.

The actual acknowledgement connected with skate embarkment exploded throughout the 1980?s. During this period your Skate board Decks regarding preference had been pretty a lot more cumbersome within style compared to individuals typically witnessed concerning the skate extra trails connected with nowadays. These types of decks had been more substantial in addition to wider, in addition to had been designed to become nearly durable. While these types of types had been transformed throughout the 1990?s while using the scaled-down freestyle patio?s, your vintage layout of the decks offers developed them all a bit more durante style recently. Several ?aged school? skaters are actually interested in your appreciate tonka trucks these kinds of decks indicate.

Freestyle Skate board Decks started to be extremely popular throughout the 1990?s. Their particular tiny dimensions in addition to little auto tires developed them all suitable for carrying out your robust toolbox connected with intricate techniques, pertaining to each highway in addition to bring skateboarding. Contrary to their very own predecessors, these types of decks knowledgeable an excellent upwards flex through each and every end, generating them all completely worthy of change techniques in addition to stop flicks. Tiny auto tires squeezed less difficult for that skater to keep your panel under control whenever making use of concerning the bigger extra trails which seemed throughout the 90?s. These types of planks had been designed to become light-weight, additional assisting within the improvement connected with techniques that have been unusual throughout the 1980?s.

Long boards certainly are a pretty brand-new add-on towards the globe connected with skate embarkment. These types of Skate board Decks are usually a lot longer in addition to wider when compared to a typical outdoor patio and they are employed mainly pertaining to ?smooth sailing? as well as pertaining to alpine making use of. As the standard Long board is in fact around 35-39 in . extended, you will find suppliers in which creates planks provided that 60 inch. Their particular bigger dimensions could make these types of decks truly regular through greater rates in addition to permits your driver in order to trim in to a change a lot tougher compared to will be achievable on the scaled-down outdoor patio. Whenever along with proper group of auto tires in addition to vehicles, these types of planks help make challenging carving techniques show up almost easy.


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HuffPost Radio: Both Sides Now: Economy vs. Obama? GOP Goldwaterized? Afghan Porridge Right?

By Mark Green

Sitting in for Arianna Huffington and Mary Matalin, respectively, Hilary Rosen and Kellyanne Conway respond to three "Resolveds" as if formally debating on three big topics of the week: do May's weak economic numbers tilt the odds against Obama? does a Republican party saying loopy things hurt the eventual nominee? did Obama thread the needle on Afghanistan? Click below to hear both-sides in real time sharpening differences or bridging them.

*Resolved: Because of the weak recovery in "Obama's economy," the odds are now against his reelection. Kellyanne agrees, noting that bad economic numbers invariably hurt incumbents and the chronically unemployed losing benefits will diminish Obama -- not to mention that the President seems driven by focus groups when he talks more about the past and future rather than the present. Hilary disagrees, observing a) the irony of Republicans opposing extension of unemployment benefits now complaining that they're running out and b) the reality that there have been more new jobs created in the past 15 months of Obama than 8 years of Bush.

Kellyanne contends that Obama's dour, pessimistic economic statements also hurt him politically. But what about his positive "win the future" slogan and policy proposals? She rebuts by noting that Obama's no Reagan (all agree, though for different reasons). Hilary acknowledges that the President has a delicate balancing act -- not to seem an out-of-touch pollyanna yet sticking to his smart approach of investing in education, infrastructure and energy for long-term growth.

Speaking of political motivations, are Republicans trying to tank the economy to gain politically by refusing new payroll tax cuts and a debt ceiling increase? Kellyanne dismisses such charges out of hand.

*Resolved: prominent GOP voices making far-right statements will Goldwaterize and marginalize the party and nominee in 2012. We listen to Michele Bachmann urge the abolition of the EPA, Newt Gingrich compare Muslims to Nazis and Communists, and Rush Limbaugh call climate change a "hoax."

Ms. Conway argues that such assertions are selective and misleading. The Host notes that polling shows strong support for Medicare, public unions, tax increases on the rich, the science of climate change, contrary to more extreme Republican hopefuls. Ms. Rosen, while believing that the "clown show" does involve GOP'ers making weird, base-pleasing assertions, concludes that it may not hurt the nominee who, in the end, will seem reasonable compared to the Palin-Bachmann-Santorum Tea Party wing.

Also, she emphasizes that when the field narrows, serious candidates will have to say what they stand for beyond merely wanting to get rid of Obama.

*Resolved, the President in effect announced an Obama Doctrine by saying that the U.S., unlike in Vietnam and Iraq, will no longer expend scarce resources disproportionate to our national security goals.

Hilary agreed with the Obama policy of building up initially in Afghanistan to chase down al Qaeda and bin Laden and to train the Afghans, which have happened. Kellyanne focuses on the politics of the 2008 anti-war candidate still sending more troops to Afghanistan. Hilary interrupts to assert that Obama is doing what he ran on, getting out of Iraq and concentrating on the country that harbored al Qaeda before 9/11.

With neo-cons and Fox urging higher troops levels "to win" and the Pelosi-Frank Democratic wing saying the withdrawal is too slow -- and Speaker Boehner even largely supporting the President -- will this be an issue in the 2012 elections? Our Democratic panelist implies not because the President struck the right balance, especially in Libya with no troops and playing only a support role in NATO. Our Republican panelist thinks it still will be an issue because, since his generals did ask that fewer troops be withdrawn, "Republicans will have the luxury of saying in the Fall of 2012 what Obama has done wrong."

The Host here recalls a private conversation he had last summer with the late Richard Holbrooke, special ambassador to AF-Pak. "So who will in effect make the decision to reduce, keep or grow the troops in Afghanistan in a year," he's asked, "the very popular general on the ground named Petraeus or the constitutionally elected commander-in-chief?" After an incredulous pause, Holbrooke said, "The President, of course." And so it was.

*Quick Takes & Takeaways: War Powers Act. Smoking Pictures. An Incendiary McCain. Is Diamond a Gem? The women largely agree that, however apt and nuanced the White House position on Libya, the President, though an attorney, should not have overruled several administration lawyers and refused to go to Congress for a War Powers Act resolution in Libya. They also agree that, while teen smoking is awful, forcing tobacco firms to put gruesome graphics on cigarette boxes goes too far.

As for John McCain's false claim that illegal immigrants may have started the record Arizona wildfires, there's a split: Hilary thinks Reform to "demon immigrants"; while Kellyanne can't explain what McCain meant, she explains that politicians change their stripes often, citing Obama's "evolution" on gay marriage.

Last, how can Sen. Richard Shelby single-handedly hold up and defeat the nomination of Peter Diamond - a Nobel Prize winner in Economics -- to the Federal Reserve Board? Kellyanne says that award alone doesn't qualify him and Democrats did the same to Bush's nominees. Hilary replies that there was nothing comparable then and that it's simply wrong for the opposition party to refuse to allow an administration to fill so many important positions, especially judicial.

Mark Green is the creator and host of Both Sides Now, which is powered by the American Federation of Teachers.

Send all comments to, where you can also listen to prior shows.


Both Sides Now is available Sat. 5-6 PM EST From Lifestyle TalkRadio Network & Sun. 8-9 AM EST from Business RadioTalk Network.




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FIFA Women's World Cup England vs Mexico live Football online With ...

[unable to retrieve full-text content]FIFA Women's World Cup England vs Mexico live Football online With HD Game . June 27, 2011 | Author: abnerahier | Posted in Recreation and Sports. England vs Mexico live -Group B [Group Stage] FIFA Women's World Cup Germany 2011 ...


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4 Simple Short Cuts to Creating a Family Tree Book Faster Than You ...

As you climb your family tree, at some point you?re going to want to put together a family tree book. But before you even get started, a voice inside your head is probably going to set off alarms, with thoughts like ?that?s too hard,? ?it?ll take too long,? or ?I?m not a good writer.?

I?m happy to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth!

Writing a family tree book can be much easier than you think ? in fact you don?t even have to write a word if you don?t want. Follow these four steps and you?ll quickly put together a book your family will treasure forever.

1. Small Tasks, Big Results

It?s a proven fact. If you tackle a big project with small steps you will succeed. For example, if you?re dieting, this means making one small (and consistent) change to your diet at a time.

The same is true with a family history book. If you face a huge stack of papers that you want to become a book, it?s likely you?re going to get into overwhelm so fast you?ll never do the book. Instead, take one-inch of that 3-foot-high pile and work on it. Or pencil in one hour a week. Small steps lead to big results ? I guarantee it.

2. Make an outline and stick to it

Remember back in school when you had to write outlines? Fortunately, for a genealogy book you don?t have to remember all of the I.A. format. All it takes is a simple list of what you want to include in the book and the order in which you want it to appear.

An outline serves an important function ? - it keeps you from getting distracted and going in ten different directions. As you put together the book you?re going to be tempted to start doing new research or adding new family lines. Don?t. You can always do another book. The goal here is to make an outline and JUST DO IT.

3. Gather the pieces

Once you have an outline, gather all of the pieces you want to include. Maybe you want a family tree book that?s a collection of favorite family recipes. Maybe your book is a collection of cemetery photos with captions. Or maybe your book is a compilation of each family members? remembrances of grandma.

As you go down your outline, you?ll easily see what pieces you want to include, whether it be a photograph, a memory, a document like a marriage license, or maybe an old Valentine. Whatever it is, gather the pieces before starting on the book.

4. Know when to stop

Again, this is where the outline comes in handy. If the outline says you?re done, then you?re done! Don?t keep adding new things. For genealogists, the temptation is always there to find another ancestor, another photo, another record, or another story. And that temptation is hard to ignore!

But if you?ve made an outline you?re happy with, gathered everything that goes in the outline, and put then put it together, your book is done. Now it?s just a matter of getting it off to a local print shop or an online site like

Oh yes, I mentioned doing a book without having to be a writer. Here are a few ideas for the non-writers out there:

1. Recipe collection

2. Photo vacation collection

3. Book of vintage photos

4. Book of documents (marriages, birth certificates, newspaper articles)

5. Family letters

6. Family remembrances

Good luck and looking forward to hearing about your book!

Nancy Hendrickson is a professional genealogy researcher, author and instructor. She specializes in helping people trace their ancestors using Internet tools and techniques. Considered an expert in Internet genealogy, Hendrickson has been interviewed by national publications including the New York Times and Better Homes and Gardens.

Nancy invites you to download her Family Tree Idea Book and learn more about researching your genealogy at If you?ve ever wondered about your family?s past, join her in a voyage that may take you where you never expected and show you things you never imagined would happen in your own family.


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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Geithner sees first-half U.S. growth around 2 percent (Reuters)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) ? U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said first half U.S. growth will likely slow to about two percent because of high energy prices and shocks to the global economy, but the underlying trend is still improving.

Geithner, speaking at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, said many economists had anticipated growth in the 3-4 percent range in the first half of 2011.

"It's mostly lower because we had the combination of oil prices high, a catastrophic shock in Japan, terrible weather that pushed construction down, a big unanticipated slowdown in defense spending, a lot of concern about risk from Europe and a bit of tightening of policy in the most rapidly growing parts of the world," he said. "That's a lot of slowdown all at once."

(Reporting by David Lawder)


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Patriot Act Debate: Is the FBI Collecting Your Phone Data? (

Update Appended: June 24, 2011

The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee is weighing fresh concerns about the sweeping nature of domestic spying using one controversial section of the Patriot Act. This particular part of that law is notable because it has been divisive for years - and because during those years President Obama has quietly moved from being a Senator skeptical of the provisions to being an enthusiastic spy chief whose Administration embraces them.

Last Tuesday the committee met to consider the worries of some members, mostly Democrats, who say the Justice Department has drafted a breathtakingly broad interpretation of Section 215 of the Patriot Act. (See a photographic history of cell phones)

That section allows the FBI to seize without a warrant "any tangible things," like documents, so long as they are part of an effort to protect the country against international terrorism. The FBI can order a private company to turn over data as long as the bureau can convince a special national-security court, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, that the information is "relevant" to antiterrorism work.

Obama Administration officials emphasize that this review by the intelligence court is an important step in protecting privacy. Privacy advocates, however, consider it little more than a rubber stamp. " 'Relevant' means some noncrazy reason for asking for it," said the Cato Institute's Julian Sanchez, who believes the government is using that authority to sweep up huge amounts of communications data.

The Intelligence Committee met in secret, and members are not permitted to say anything publicly about the deliberations. Senator Ron Wyden did tell TIME that the Justice Department opinion made the broad authority in Section 215 really broad. "When you read that opinion, the classified opinion - that I can't say a word about - and you set it down next to the text of the law, there is a big gap," he explained. "That is what this issue is all about." (The American Civil Liberties Union announced in May that it was seeking the opinion through the Freedom of Information Act and would sue to get it.) (See how to encrypt your iPhone's location data.)

Senator Tom Udall, a New Mexico Democrat, went further, saying the government was using that opinion to conduct some sort of dragnet surveillance. "Innocent Americans are being swept up in this," was about all Udall could say to TIME.

That sounds a lot like something a certain junior Senator from Illinois might have said back in December 2005, when he joined eight other Senators in penning a dear-colleague letter that argued, among other things, that Section 215 was too broad. "We believe the government should be required to convince a judge that the records they are seeking have some connection to a suspected terrorist or spy," wrote Obama and the other Senators.

When efforts failed to limit spying under Section 215 to terrorists, the future President took to the Senate floor on Dec. 15, 2005, to decry the government's power to go on what he called "a fishing expedition through every personal record or private document, through library books they've read and phone calls they've made."

But, as they say in Washington, where you stand depends on where you sit. As Congress considered reauthorization of the Patriot Act on May 25 this year, Obama's Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, wrote to Senate leaders, urging them to reauthorize Section 215 and two other parts of the law in particular, or "important classified collection programs might be forced to shut down."

See the top 10 abuses of power.

Acting Assistant Attorney General Todd Hinnen noted before a House subcommittee March 9: "Some have argued that Section 215 runs afoul of the Fourth Amendment [which governs police searches] because it allows the government to obtain records upon a showing of 'relevance' to an authorized investigation rather than probable cause." But, he added, "for constitutional purposes, a business-records order is not a 'search' within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment."

It's hard to say just what kind of "classified-collection program" the Obama Administration is conducting. There seems to be a consensus among privacy advocates that the government is using the very latest technological advancements to sweep up, among other things, the locations of cell phones.

Your cell phone continuously pings your service providers' towers and base stations in order to maintain a signal for you to use. By recording the precise time and angle of a cell's data arriving at multiple base stations, providers can calculate the location of your phone about as accurately as a GPS unit - which means down to a single room in a building, at least in cities crowded with cell towers. (See the 10 most popular iPhone passwords.)

Some cell carriers track, record and store this information, possibly for months, for all the phones in their networks to monitor usage and plan how to improve service.

Kevin Bankston, an attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, thinks the government is demanding that cell companies provide the location data as well as other call-data records in bulk form in order to mine the data. "My guess is these 215 orders are being used to collect massive amounts of communications data without any direct connection to terrorism targets," Bankston said.

This suspicion is based on the government's relatively well-documented proclivity since 9/11 for vacuuming up huge amounts of data in the service of detecting patterns left by bad apples, as well as the fact that law-enforcement authorities increasingly are seeking cell-phone-location information in criminal cases. There is no reason to think the FBI would not tap the same information to prevent terrorism. (See "Spies and Spooks: The (Mis)Adventures of the CIA.")

A Justice Department spokesman, Dean Boyd, said these kinds of concerns about civil liberties were overblown. "The Executive Branch, Congress and the judiciary all engage in substantial oversight of these foreign-intelligence-surveillance tools to ensure they are used responsibly and in a manner that safeguards Americans' privacy and civil liberties," Boyd said.

Boyd can't say, of course, if the government is scooping up the location information of cell phones. If that is the case, however, should the government be required to get a warrant? Courts are divided over how private this location data is.

Senator Wyden recently drafted a bill that would have required the government to prove probable cause and obtain a warrant to track cell phones in both terrorism and criminal investigations. In his final bill introduced June 15, however, Wyden dropped the requirement with respect to antiterrorism efforts in a bid to gain Republican support. Wyden says he does "expect to be back to the issue as it deals with intelligence."

Wyden's spokeswoman has said the bill is an "independent legislative action" and the Senator can't say if it is a signal that the government knows the location of your phone.

Correction: The original version of this story misattributed a quote to Senator Mark Udall of Colorado that was actually said by Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico. Senator Mark Udall - a member of the Intelligence Committee - did not speak directly with TIME, though he harbors similar concerns. Mark Udall said on the Senate floor May 26 that the same authority "currently allows records to be collected on law-abiding Americans, without any connection to terrorism or espionage."

See what Senate Democrats say about the Justice Department spying.

See the world's most influential people in the 2011 TIME 100.

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Debt Consolidation Loans Launched Especially for People with Bad ...

Debt Consolidation Loans Launched Especially for People with Bad Credit History

(PRWEB) October 17, 2005

Among the very few loan providers that specialize in debt consolidation loans, Easy-Debt-Consolidations holds a place of prominence. Debt consolidation loan for people with bad credit history is a new product that has emerged from the group that is regarded as one of the best in the UK.

People with bad credit will reminisce a plenty of occasions when they have been refused debt consolidation loans because their credit report revealed lesser credibility. This only worsened their situation. Easy-Debt-Consolidations puts aside the credit report while deciding eligibility for debt consolidation loans.

An official at Easy-Debt-Consolidations expressed his appreciation for the product in the following words, ?by introducing debt consolidation loans for people with bad credit history, Easy-Debt-Consolidations has only responded to the need of the time. There is a large majority of people who will benefit from the financial product?. In order to eliminate doubts of people regarding the rate of interest and other terms, he said ?borrowers can expect terms to be in sync with the best loan providers in the UK.?

Financial products for debt consolidation and debt management from Easy-Debt-Consolidations are readily available and very popular. Easy-Debt-consolidations expects a similar response to debt consolidation loans for bad credit. Other financial products include credit card debt consolidation loans, credit counselling, debt counselling, etc.

Allow Easy-Debt-Consolidations to rid you of debts. Contact representatives of Easy-Debt-Consolidations through


Vocus?Copyright 1997-

, Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.
Vocus, PRWeb, and Publicity Wire are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vocus, Inc. or Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.

'; submitp.appendChild(answerDiv, commentField);


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Asanway ? Blog Archive ? What Is Fitness?

What Is Fitness?

One of the ways the simplest and most effective for reducing blood sugar levels, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and improve health and well-being is physical fitness and exercise. But in our world increasingly sedentary lifestyle, where almost every essential task can be done directly from the driver?s seat or a call, adjust the exercise and of course more difficult to sell.

In fact, everyone should exercise, but research shows that only 30% of the adult population of the United States is the recommended thirty minutes of daily physical activity, and 25% are not active at all.

Lack of exercise is considered a major reason for the increase in type 2 diabetes in America, because inactivity and obesity increase insulin resistance and other factors that trigger other kinds of diseases.

The good news is that it is never too late to go and exercise is one of the easiest ways to start controlling the disease was possible. For those who may already have several candidates for major diseases such as diabetes or heart attack, exercise and fitness to improve the situation of some parts of the body like insulin sensitivity, reduce the risk of heart disease and promote weight loss.

In 2003, the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism had published an issue on the results of their study and found that lack of exercise and fitness are the main factors of obesity and other serious diseases such as diabetes.

It is therefore extremely important for a person to stay healthy and of course the ability to prevent such diseases.

The first thing to do in any exercise program, especially if you are a dyed-in-the-wool couch potato, is to consult your doctor.

If you have cardiac factors, your doctor can do a stress test at a safe level of exercise for you here.

Health experts also argue that patients with peripheral neuropathy or PN should be to cut the tension leg exercises such as walking away with a heavy burden, jogging or step aerobics, should instead low-impact such as swimming, cycling and rowing.

If you have any conditions of exercise and physical fitness a challenge, your provider, you may refer to an exercise physiologist, a fitness program can be done specially for your needs.

If you are already active in sports or work on a regular basis, it is always useful to discuss your day with your doctor.

The key is that the physical fitness and exercise should not be rigid and should be solid. Your exercise routine can be as simple as a quick walk around at night, walk the dog or simply taking the stairs instead of the elevator. The important thing is that we continue to move. Every little helps a lot.

In the end you will realize that things, good food, you can do is often the same as what physical fitness can do for you.


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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Up Next in Sports: The Wrestling Munchies - Epic Fail Funny Videos ...


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Early signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer | Pancreatic Cancer ...

What are the early symptoms of pancreatic cancer ?

Symptoms of pancreatic cancer are only seen during the advanced stage of the disease. Moreover, these symptoms are vague and can be easily overlooked or mistook as another ailment. Unknown to some people, the cancer cells have already spread in their system. This is what makes pancreatic cancer one of the most fatal cancers.

Last October, I lost a friend to pancreatic cancer?the same condition that claimed my grandfather a few years before I was born. Although she faced this horrific disease with grace and bravery?extending her life by nearly a year beyond her initial prognosis?it ended her life just days before her thirty-first birthday.

Like most cases of pancreatic cancer, my friend?s wasn?t detected until the late stages. Pancreatic cancer is often symptomless until it has already spread, or metastatized, to essential organs such as the liver. This makes it one of the most deadly forms of cancer in the U.S. For this reason, it is essential to be wary of the early symptoms associated with pancreatic cancer.

The most common early symptoms of pancreatic cancer

Abdominal Pain

My late friend mistook her early pancreatic cancer symptoms for indigestion. One of the early symptoms of the condition is pain in the upper abdomen, possibly radiating to the back and mid-abdomen. This pain occurs when cancerous cells in the pancreas place pressure on the surrounding organs and tissues. It gets worse as the disease progresses, but may start as minor upper abdominal pressure.

Unexplained Weight Loss

Pancreatic cancer can cause a sudden, rapid loss of weight. Any time that you lose weight without meaning to?no matter how much you like this change in your weight?be sure to contact a physician promptly. It is perfectly normal to lose weight when you increase your calorie expenditure or decrease your calorie intake, but weight loss with no change in lifestyle can be a symptom of pancreatic cancer. In other cases, pancreatic cancer may lead to a decrease in appetite. These symptoms may also point to other conditions, including thyroid disease, digestive disease, and other forms of cancer.


Jaundice is one of the most obvious early symptoms of pancreatic cancer. It is the symptom that clued both my friend and my grandfather in on the fact that something was very wrong. Jaundice is a yellow or orange

discoloration of the skin. It occurs when pancreatic cancer spreads to the liver, disrupting its function and increasing the amount of bile in the bloodstream. Contact a doctor immediately if you notice any yellow discoloration, particularly in the whites of your eyes. Jaundice is often the first sign of serious medical conditions, including pancreatic cancer.

Blood Clots

Blood clots have several potential causes, and they require medical evaluation under all circumstances. In some cases, recurrent blood clots may be an early symptom of pancreatic cancer. If you have any symptoms of blood clots, contact your primary care provider for treatment. In the event that pancreatic cancer is an underlying cause, prompt treatment can maximize your chances of survival.

If you have any of these possible pancreatic cancer symptoms, more so if you have more than one of these symptoms, then you must consult a doctor. Aside from those experiencing the indications, people with past records of other cancer types and histories of cancer in their families should also undergo tests.


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Should I Change My Password? Quickly Checks if Your Password Was Compromised in a Recent Hack [Security]

Adam Dachis ?Should I Change My Password? Quickly Checks if Your Password Was Compromised in a Recent HackWith many sites being compromised and user data released publicly on the web, you may have fallen victim. Should I Change My Password? is a simple webapp can tell you if you may be at risk.

When you visit the site, you just enter the email address you use for various accounts and click "Check it!" A large database of compromised account passwords and their associated email addresses (see the sources here) will be searched and you'll find out if you're in one of them. If you are, you should change your password right away. If not, you're safe for the time being but you'll be reminded to still change your password regularly.

It's worth noting that Should I Change My Password? isn't a surefire way to know if your accounts are completely safe, but it is a good way to find out if they were compromised. As always, you want to make sure you choose a secure password and avoid putting any sensitive information online if you can.

If you're concerned that the site may just be phishing for emails, the FAQ may make you feel better.

Should I Change My Password? Quickly Checks if Your Password Was Compromised in a Recent HackShould I Change My Password?

You can follow Adam Dachis, the author of this post, on Twitter and Facebook. ?Twitter's the best way to contact him, too.


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What Happens When a Car Trailer Starts Bouncing Uncontrollably? [Video]

A metal clusterfuck, that's what. What else did you expect? If this summer you are going to use a car trailer, keep this video in mind when you are driving. More »


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Friday, June 24, 2011

Lastest Internet And Businesses Online News - Articles And Resources

Lijit Networks Takes Proactive Measures to Protect Publishers from Internet Threats
Lijit Networks, Inc., an innovative provider of advertising services, audience analytics, and reader engagement tools for online publishers, today announced that the company has implemented Dasient?s Anti-Malvertising Solution to protect publishers from sophisticated malware threats.
Read more on PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance

Online education program OK?d for Abington
The Abington School Board voted unanimously to implement an online education program for district students in a meeting June 7.
Read more on Times Chronicle & Glenside News & The Globe

Casino City?s Latest Online Gaming Business Directory Just Released with Comprehensive Industry Coverage
NEWTON, Mass.?(BUSINESS WIRE)?Just released ? the world?s most comprehensive directory of online gaming sites and businesses including site operators, software manufacturers, payment processors, affiliate sites and more.
Read more on Business Wire

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Want Better Naps? Sleep in a Hammock [Health]

Matthew Rogers ?Want Better Naps? Sleep in a HammockA group of Swiss scientists studied the effects of sleep in hammock-like conditions by hooking a dozen people up to EEG units while they fell asleep on gently rocking beds. The end result was basically Science confirming what hammock-enthusiasts have been saying for years?the gentle rocking motion not only puts you to sleep faster, but the sleep is just plain better.

While the group believes there's a definite link between rocking babies to sleep and adults falling asleep easier while being rocked, it's still not clear if it's a causal relationship, or if our brains are just wired that way to begin with. Either way, the results were solid?every single participant fell asleep faster in the rocking bed, and their brain scans showed deeper sleep. So, if you want to get the most out of a nap, take it in a hammock. Photo by R.M. Calamar.

Want Better Naps? Sleep in a HammockRocking synchronizes brain waves during a short nap | Current Biology via MSNBC


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Tilera's new 100-core CPU elbows its way to the cloud, face-melt still included

Hundred core chips might not be breaking news -- especially if the company announcing it is Tilera -- but what if that new multi-core CPU drew an insanely lower wattage and set its sights on powering a few cloud server farms? Well, that's exactly what chip maker Tilera has up its silicon sleeve. "Co-developed with the world's leading cloud computing companies" -- take a guess who that might include -- the new 64-bit TileGx-3100 clocks in at up to 1.5GHz while sucking down a lighter 48W. Line that up next to the current cloud favorite, Intel's Xeon, and your power consumption is slashed nearly in half. Of course, the barrier to entry is high for the nascent chip developer since most code written is for the x86 -- requiring a whole new set of instructions for data centers to play nice. Expect to see this face-melting monster sometime early 2012, by which time, you'll probably have your 50,000 strong music library synced to the cloud.

Tilera's new 100-core CPU elbows its way to the cloud, face-melt still included originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 21 Jun 2011 22:48:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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PlayStation 3: Slightly slimmer slim to release in Japan (PlayStation 3)

Sony has briefed Japanese retailers on an improved PlayStation 3 to be released later this month. While the slimmed-down CECH-3000B is mostly the same on the outside, the innards have been trimmed for a lighter weight and lower power consumption. Retailers haven't been advised on any pricing changes for this new machine, which debuts in a 230GB model.

Set to go on sale later this month in Japan, the improved PlayStation 3 cuts power consumption by 30W, bringing total consumption down to 200W. It also sheds .4kg (that's .88 pounds for the metric-allergic), bringing the total weight down to 2.6kg. Externally, the power/eject buttons have been modified slightly and LED lamps have removed. Maybe that's where those 30W went, says the guy who's clearly not an electrical engineer.

Rumor has it that firmware updates are in the offing to improve the machine's copy-protection, but this hasn't been confirmed by Sony, who hasn?t passed on any word yet on when the new model might be available outside of Japan.


Jun 21, 2011

Sony E3 2011 press conference
The PlayStation event of the year starts here

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD gets gameplay trailer
Demo player skips Codec dialogue, sets low bar for success in PSP remake


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