Monday, May 16, 2011

Auto Insurance Nc | The Car Insurance

auto insurance nc Auto Insurance Nc
I?s i?t? l?ega?l? t?o ra?t?e a? dri?ver on t?w?o di?f?f?erent? a?ut?o p?ol?i?ci?es i?n NC?

We? are? t?ry?ing? t?o find inform??at?ion for t?he? NC Aut?o insurance? m??anual t?hat? st?at?e?s t?hat? y?ou can?t? ?rat?e?? a driv?e?r on t?wo se?p?arat?e? aut?o p?olicie?s? B?ot?h driv?e?rs hav?e? a se?p?arat?e? aut?o p?olicy? and liv?e? in t?he? sam??e? house?hold.
B?ut? if t?he? ot?he?r driv?e?r has a p?olicy? of t?he?ir own doe?sn?t? t?hat? m??ake? it? so t?he?y? are?n?t? ?rat?e?d? on t?he? ot?he?r p?olicy?, b?ut? can b?e? List?e?d due? t?o st?ill in t?he? house?hold?? I t?houg?ht? it? wasn?t? le?g?al if t?he?y? we?re? alre?ady? b?e?ing? rat?e?d on anot?he?r p?olicy?, b?e?ing? charg?e?d t?wice????/

Yo?u can?t? f?i?nd i?t?, b?ecause t?her?e?s no? such t?hi?ng. Yo?u CAN r?at?e a si?ngle dr?i?ver?, o?n t?wo? di?f?f?er?ent? po?li?ci?es. I?t??s co?m?m?o?n pr?act?i?ce. T?he O?NLY way t?o? get? ar?o?und i?t?, i?s co?m?b?i?ni?ng t?he vehi?cles under? co?m?m?o?n o?wner?shi?p o?nt?o? O?NE po?li?cy, and t?hen each dr?i?ver? o?nly get?s r?at?ed o?nce. B?ut? t?hen t?he i?nsur?ance co?m?pany get?s t?o? assi?gn t?he hi?ghest? r?at?ed dr?i?ver?, t?o? t?he hi?ghest? r?at?ed car?.

Gre?e?n?vil?l?e?, N?C Auto? In?s?uran?ce?


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