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ShoreTel VoIP telephone system: is it for you? | Armstrong ...

ShoreTel VoIP telephone systems are a great way for any business to increase efficiency and productivity, whilst ? most importantly ? saving money. We think it?s a great unified comms solution for a whole host of businesses; we wouldn?t sell it if we didn?t think so. We?re here to explain to you the benefits of using a ShoreTel VoIP telephone system and how your business will be improved as a result:

  • Cost effective: using a ShoreTel VoIP system as opposed to old-fashioned PSTN system is guaranteed to save your business money. With VoIP, calls are seen as ?data packages?, meaning that area codes are not taken into account so long-distance ? or even just out-of-area dialling is much cheaper.
  • Aids flexibility: if you?re a business with staff in various locations, remote workers, or employees who are constantly on the move, the ShoreTel VoIP system enables individuals to be contacted via their regular number but can easily be re-directed to a mobile device. Customers still reach their ?local? contact, wherever they may be.
  • Ease of scalability: a ShoreTel VoIP system eliminates the need for endless cables and wires, meaning that adding new phone lines or users becomes an easily carried out task, saving disruption to employees and making life simpler for all!
  • Remote administration: web-based administration ensures any changes can be made easily, whether to an agent?s caller ID or name, staff are able to make adjustments in-house instead of relying on expensive technicians for simple tasks.
  • Free advanced call features: typically paid-for additional features on the PSTN system, features that we now come to expect with any decent handset, such as call forwarding, recorded voicemail, caller ID, call waiting and many more, are all included free of charge ? ensuring you don?t find yourself paying for a multitude of extras, available as standard in a ShoreTel VoIP telephone system.

Given the fast-paced world of internet telephony, we reckon within the next five years, nearly all businesses will be using VoIP telephone systems. Telephones remain one of the key ways we connect with clients, do business and make contact with the external world. The internet?s changing that: we?re still using our desktop phones, but we?re using them more efficiently and cheaply. VoIP telephone systems enable us to take advantage of technology by reducing expenditure and making our lives simpler.

Ensure you?re keeping ahead by getting in touch with one of our VoIP advisors today ? 0845 345 0045.

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