Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lenovo unveils 15-inch ThinkPad S531 Ultrabook

Lenovo unveils 15inch ThinkPad S531 Ultrabook, sticks to Ivy Bridge

As quick as Lenovo has been to hop on the Ultrabook bandwagon, it hasn't been so eager to launch big-screened models. Its new ThinkPad S531 explores that territory at last: the Windows 8 PC mates a slim profile with both a 15.6-inch, lay-flat LCD and a large keyboard. The experience will otherwise be familiar to those who've seen the S431, as it shares the same basic design language, the OneLink dock connector and a nine-hour battery. Unfortunately, the similarity also extends to the Ivy Bridge-era Intel processor -- there's no Haswell inside, at least for now. Still, the £575 ($900) UK price is within reach of many buyers, and there's a 1080p display option coming in July. Lenovo hasn't said if or when the S531 will reach the US, although we hope it gets a processor upgrade if and when it crosses the Atlantic.

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Source: Lenovo

Source: http://feeds.engadget.com/~r/weblogsinc/engadget/~3/xBuRTduCd2k/

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