Friday, July 5, 2013

Re: [OFFER] Microsoft Windows 2.10 [286] (3.5) (EN)

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Source: --- Thursday, July 04, 2013
In Forum: Download Requests/Offers By User: roytam1 The IHC tag was introduced with Windows 95 (IHC could be short for CHICAGO, in reverse order...). and was used all the way till Windows ME closes the Win9x line. Windows NT never did this but NT (at least since 4.x) did (and still does) something else which is also pretty annoying... If you open a file/executable it writes the last access time to the disk. MS-DOS and Windows 1.x to Windows 3.x are safe for writable floppy's since they wont change a thing unless you ask for it. Read also: OS/2 Museum - The IHC Damage So for everyone: write protect EVERY floppy and especially original ones! Anyway... I'll see what I can do, I hope I can get it uploaded this weekend... Or don't read disk in NT then. I always rip disks in real DOS with HD-COPY. ...


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