Thursday, July 4, 2013

Home Pass lets Comcast subscribers watch streaming videos without logging in

Home Pass lets Xfinity subscribers watch TV Everywhere content without logging in

Sure you'd like to watch On Demand content on your computer, but there's that whole tiresome logging-in thing you have to do first. If you subscribe to both Xfinity TV and Internet services, however, that would no longer be an issue thanks to a new feature called Home Pass. As long as customers access the Xfinity website within their home network, they'll be automatically logged in, and will be free to access TV Everywhere content from then on, no password required. Xfinity ran a trial of the service during the London Olympics and March Madness 2013, and have decided Home Pass is robust enough to handle Xfinity's entire video library. While this will initially be available via the web, it sounds like other platforms like iOS, Android and (maybe?) Xbox could get it later as well.

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Source: Comcast

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