Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rarest (and most valuable) limited edition consoles | GamesRadar

Limited edition consoles are some of the most manipulative products imaginable. They have been known to inspire sin within us--the envy of those who have what we do not, the avarice of obtaining such a pricey item, the vain pride of showing it off to your buddies. And yet, every time we see systems with rare, alternative designs--say, a Pokemon embossed 3DS XL or a one-of-a-kind Xbox--our eyes light up, and our wallets tremble.

It got us thinking--with all the console colors out there, how rare can these limited editions possibly get? Obscenely rare, as it turns out. We've perused countless limited edition consoles, seeking out those that are hardest to find. We chose to (mostly) exclude airbrushed systems, which just look kind of ugly; impractical (and boring) gold-plated consoles; and custom designs made exclusively for high-paid athletes, because screw them. That said, get ready to drool at the prospect of owning some of these systems--just try not to get too depressed knowing that these may elude your grasp until the end of days.


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