Monday, May 20, 2013


So here are some ideas that have been rooting around in my brain. In this threads I would be playing the main role and would need people for the other roles.

17 years ago a family was leaving the hospital planning to celebrate the birth of their two children. What they didn't realize was that car ride would change everyone's lives forever. A speeding lorry rammed into the car sending it tumbling down the road, the family luckily survived but not without casualties. One of the children received serious brain trauma which had to be treated straight away with surgery. the rehabilitation process would be a long and grueling process,the family had no option but to send the child to a specialist facility until he recovered enough to go home. The other child had no idea of another sibling, but they always felt that there was someone else in their life even if they didn't know it.

Now it is time for the return of the other sibling, he doesn't talk much and still hasn't quiet got a grasp of normal life. will he be accepted? or will he be shunned.

So i'm looking for a sibling and perhaps a parent.

Hey guys and gals of the roleplaying world, I am looking for a literate person who can keep up with a good range of posts both long and short.up to two paragraphs for a short and five for a long depending ( I tend to write the same as whatever the person writes, I think it's the drive to write a good ammount for someone as they have done the same for me) anyway I'm on nearly everyday aside from work so evenings are good for me and weekends are even better. I don't play females that often usually only as NPC's but I prefer playing males.

So the all important topics I'm a fan of anything really but I mainly enjoy realistic threads more importantly the depth of the human mind I enjoy playing patients and love it when I have people to play doctor roles for me.

1. Lost and Found

A young teenager is found bound and beaten in a small pantry room of a house that has been invaded by police due to reports of the house being used by gang members. The teen in half dead and terrified of anything the police try to do to calm him down. A physiatrist aids the boy in calming him down and getting him to safety and medical attention.

The story plays out the rehabilitation of the character confined to awful conditions and suspected abuse, learning to spea, read and write as well as creating a normal life for himself.

2. Time To Change

This is based in a rehabilitation centre where a depressed teen has been sent to in order to combat his eating problems all of which stem from a break up with his boyfriend. The teen blames himself for not been attractive enough and starves himself to be thinner in order to try and win his soul mate back. He doesn't see his eating disorder as a problem due to his serious denial.

3. Behind these eyes.

This is relatively new a teenager is put under a lot of stress to succeed in art class to find a good job and provide for his family it becomes his obsession to the point where he doesn't sleep and hardly eats, the moment comes to a standstill when he is pushed so far he breaks into his school causing harm to himself in the process to finish his work before it is sent off to be marked.he doesn't understand what he has done because he does not want to fail.


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