Friday, May 24, 2013

Pets Available for Adoption this Week from Shelter Dogs to Dream ...


~ Pets Available for Adoption this week? from Shelter Dogs to Dream Dogs ~

Purebred Golden Retreiver

Hercules is a 6 to 7? month old wonderful Purebred Golden Retriever Puppy.? He great with kids, cats, and dogs.? He learns quickly and focuses when it is time for school.? When it is time for play he is the first one to be ready.? He has been left free in my office with my cat over night and did not create any damage or potty issues, but he is usually crate trained at night.?? Hercules is looking for parents who have enough time to continue his training as he grows into a beautiful adult Golden Retriever!!


~ Cats Available this Week from Happy Cat Rescue ~

Two Female kittens looking for a home!

They are both up-to-date on their shots, loving with everyone, love kids, great with other cats and always use the kitty litter box. They are two very close sisters so I am looking to see if they can go to a home together and not be separated. They are very playful, and will make you laugh. They also love cuddle time, and are so soft to curl up with. When I took the picture I had found them happily cuddling. Their so cute!!!

Adorable kittens cuddling_opt

Awesome Indoor Outdoor Kitty Looking For a Forever Home


Joey is a 4 year old awesome kitty. Joey has a stunning coat, is up to date on his shots, loves kids, is good with cats and is the BEST family cat you WILL ever adopt. He is the most wonderful and adorable boy that I have ever met. He greets me at my door, and begs me to stay with him at night. He would also be an awesome companion kitty for someone at home taking care of the kids or for someone that just needs some company. Joey would also be a great office cat.
Joey is also very stunning, even though he is just ?another cat that needs a home? he is beautiful. He is a Brown Tabby with White, but his coat says that he is more than that.
As you can see Joey has so much potential and I really want the best home for him. He needs a place to all home. A place that he will always stay and call home and a place that he will always love and that will always love him. Joey is not really like a cat, he is closer to a human than a cat. He is just the perfect amount of?talkative, playful, and calm. Please, help me get this adorable boy a home!!



?Two barn cats looking for a awesome barn to mouse in

They are all up to date on their shots, all their tests came out negative and they all are spayed/neutered. Two of them are female and one is a male, they all are less than 4 years old and are just looking for a life of work. Two of them are not good with other cats so would have to go to homes as single barn cats.

barn cat or indoor outdoor kitty_opt

Blue kitty barn cat 2_opt


Makena Sacks, Happy Cat RescueAbout Happy Cat Rescue

Happy Cat Rescue is owned and operated by me, Makena Sacks.? I rescue the cats from the shelter that are scared, mean, or cats who need help. I started Happy Cat Rescue 3 years ago when I was 7 years old, I am now ten.

One weekend I noticed lots of cats were missing from the shelter.? I heard the workers talking about how they had to put them down.? My heart felt sad, and I knew that if my mom could save the dogs, then I could save the cats!? I have never stopped saving the cats from that day.

These unwanted shelter cats come to my rescue and move in with my cats in their very own 400 square foot cattery. They have a wonderful view of the lake with lots of cat tree?s, fresh water, good food and lots of toys.

When I take home the scared, submissive, mean, or badly behaved cats they live in a big dog cage in the middle of my cat room to make sure they are healthy, use the litter box, and it allows me to watch them and see what I need to work on.? It is up to me to determine what type of home each cat needs to find??indoor, indoor/outdoor, or barn.

Makena Sacks


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