Saturday, March 30, 2013

OUYA game console ships with over 100 available games | Android ...

We had known the OUYA game console was set to begin shipping to Kickstarter backers on March 28. And well, that seems to has begun without any delays. The OUYA team shared the news on their company blog in a post titled Shippin? ? the interesting part here, they begin with a thank you. You see, they are thanking the backers for well, backing them and making the console a success.


Or maybe more accurately, a success to date. You see, there is still the non-internet crowd that they will need to please. We are not going to see how well that turns out until June 4 when the console makes its way into retail outlets. The good news for now though, the OUYA team managed to drive enough buzz and enough hype to convince developers that it will be worth their time to bring games to the console.

According to details coming from OUYA, they were able to launch the console with 100 plus games. As of last evening they were claiming 104, but that number may have already grown. Regardless of the specific amount, some of the game titles new OUYA users can look forward to playing include one called Save the Puppies as well as Final Fantasy III, Beast Boxing Turbo, Stalagflight and Knightmare Tower.

Time will tell which, and how many additional games will follow. OUYA has also said they signed up over eight thousand developers. The eight thousand developer count makes it seem like additional games are a given, however looking at this from the other side brings us to wonder why eight thousand developers and only 104 games.

[via OUYA]


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