Friday, February 15, 2013

Michelle Heaton hits out at Twitter trolls over cancer gene abuse

SHE'S already been through enough.

At the end of last year, the mum-of-one was forced to have a double mastectomy after discovering she was a carrier of the BRCA2 gene, which heightens her risk of cancer.?

Ahead of rehearsing for The Big Reunion tour, the beauty regained her confidence after undergoing a boob job and revealed all on 'another operation' exclusively to OK! Magazine this week.

And despite suffering enough, it seems she is one of the many celebs who has become a victim of online abuse.

The Liberty X songstress hit back on the site after a follower criticised her.

Michelle wrote: "check Your self little girl! I don't get paid 4anyof it! Leave me alone. If one of your family went through wot I did ud back off

"FYI my "t*t"job was because I have a cancer jeans that killed some of my family! It was a double mastectomy .. U sick sick girl," she added.

Go Michelle!

Attempting to put an end to the abuse, the popstar said: "I still now can't believe the disgusting tweets i get telling me my "boob" job is disgusting. To all u un-educated peeps do your research... before you bully me for something I did to potentially save my life. I've had enough! Move on, it's ridiculous u r still talkin about it!"?

"Right, now that's my rant of the day delt with.. (Lol) I'd like to get back to cuddling my baby girl who loves me no matter what! Xxxx," she concluded.


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