Tuesday, February 19, 2013

90% Lore

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We know where this is going pretty early on, but that doesn't prevent "Lore" from being riveting stuff, start to finish.

This striking, slow-building drama ... uses fractured, impressionistic imagery as a mirror of moral dislocation as the children make their way through an unfamiliar landscape.

It's a remarkable accomplishment.

Saskia Rosendahl is a highly expressive actress within the limited confines of her character, and the film is studded with memorable scenes.

"Lore" is the sort of movie you'd already expect to rip your heart out, but that doesn't diminish the tragedy when it does arrive.

If "Lore" is an upsetting and uncomfortable film set in a morally bleak landscape, it also offers a guardedly optimistic vision of the possibility of human change.

Shortland creates a palpable sense of atmosphere, and coupled with fluid camerawork and a verdant forest backdrop, Lore looks and feels a world apart from other World War II-set dramas.

This oblique and understated tale of lost innocence conveys both an individual's experiences and a powerful sense of a ruined nation.

Shortland's measured pacing and hypnotic visuals make this a mesmerising journey through a defeated landscape.

The result is a stimulating portrayal of an under-examined aspect of Nazism's terrible legacy.

Enough cannot be said about its leading lady, a truly captivating actress at a very young age who should be an international star.

In the chaos of 3rd Reich's end. . .contemporizes the look and feel of overwhelmed, exhausted teens sifting through continuing lies and denials of the truths by everyone.

A strikingly accomplished film about worthless people.

Saskia Rosendahl, who plays Lore, is marvelous to watch.

A dark coming-of-age journey about a girl who may or may not be able to summon the character to survive in a way she can live with afterward.

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