Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Video: Temperature drops may bring tornadoes in South

>>> and now to our weather, making news again, specifically another huge temperature swing. in the midwest, after a dangerous ice storm yesterday, it felt like spring today. but that's before the coming temperature change of around 50 degrees. weather channel meteorologist chris warren is with us. chris, these numbers are incredible.

>> they really are, brian. an all-time january high in topeka, kansas today. 77 degrees. many southern locations feeling these unusually warm temperature readings, looking at temperatures into the upper 70s in some cases, even 80 degrees in corpus christi . tomorrow potentially even warmer in those spots. and this is why. we have a big area of high pressure , keeping things very warm. but dramatically different by the end of the week. cooler air moving down from canada. this is how it plays out in it chicago. 58 degrees tomorrow, almost 40 degrees cooler by thursday and friday. and brian, this will come at a price. we're looking at the threat for severe weather in the lower midwest and the south, possibly tornadoes tomorrow and wednesday.

>> all right. chris warren , weather channel headquarters tonight. chris, thanks.


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