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6 Powerful Online Business Skills Fearless Entrepreneurs Master To ...

It was late at night, and I had just wrapped up my PM routine of reading a book on leadership and management. However, I still had the urge to read.

Since the main idea of Billionaire Belief is to help my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ become fearless entrepreneurs by setting up their own online business so they can bring their dreams of helping others out of the dark and into the daylight, which improves their life, trims year off their learning curve and gives them a way to earn a living fulfilling the purpose that they believe God put them on Earth to fulfill.

I decided to dust off my pre-owned copy of Brendon Burchard?s The Millionaire Messenger, sat on my orange and brown corduroy couch, picked up my Avery yellow highlighter and opened up to the chapter on the Millionaire Mandates.

After reading for about 5 minutes, I came across a list of skills that every fearless entrepreneur involved in online business must add to their skill set repertoire to ensure their long-term success because your success in this industry is ultimately powered by your skill set.

So, what are those skills?

Well, there?s a whole boatload of them, but there are six in particular that I?d like to discuss with you today.

Skill #1) Writing ? Copywriting for Marketing.

There have been more wars started, battles won, crimes committed, and dreams fulfilled with the stroke of a pen on a piece of paper. By now, I hope you?ve realized the power of words because your words not only represent how you think and feel, but they?re also great vehicles you can use to serve others by spreading and sharing your message with people around the world.

Now, when it comes to business, there is a specific method of writing you need to be knowledgeable of to increase the probability that people take action once they hear your message. The specific method of writing that I?m speaking of is copywriting for marketing.

There are plenty of quality copywriting blogs on the Internet, as well as tons of books written on the topic. With that being said, find a few and start reading them. But learning about copywriting for marketing will be a waste of your time if you never practice it and then implement it within your business. To get started, practice writing out headlines that reflect the essence of what you intend to communicate with every message that you publish.

Skill #2) Speaking & Persuasion.

How many people do you believe you can convince to invest in your message if they never heard you speak? Understand that communication is at the heart of everything.

Your ability to use words to express how you think and feel is by far the most important skill you can master. Your ability to persuade is an equally important skill to master because there will be times in your life where people will be sitting on the fence about whatever it is that you?re speaking about, and will need a little persuasion from you to end up on your side of the fence.

The best way to increase your proficiency in speaking and persuasion is to join Toastmasters. This international organization is a 24 Hour Fitness for people to improve their public speaking and persuasion skills. However, the best part about being in Toastmaster is that you?ll be around people of like-mindedness ? people who believe in improving their skills and preparing for great success in life just like you.

Skill #3) Facilitating Large Groups.

Imagine you?ve put all this effort into crafting your message. Then you invest more time in sharing it through the various distribution channels that are available to you. And low and behold, you?re message is a hit. You?re now rockstar in your industry.

Now you have interview request, speaking request, but most importantly seminar/workshop request. This is a biggie because seminars/workshops are a premium revenue stream within your business, which means it?s in your best interest to have the skills to successfully conduct these sessions.

People will be coming from all four corners of the world to see and hear you speak. To ensure that they don?t leave feeling upset or how much of a waste of money you are, hone your facilitation skills.

A great way to sharpen this invaluable skill is to join your local Toastmaster club and at a bare minimum, speak, and participate in your clubs functionary roles to complete your Competent Leader educational track.

And if you?re really feeling like a high achiever, get involved as a dignitary with your division as an area governor, division governor, etc.

Skill #4) Coaching Individuals to Achieve Their Goals.

Part of your job as a online business owner, millionaire messenger, and child of God is to share your wisdom with the people and leaders in training around you so that you can help them cut years off their learning curve, which helps them avoid the costly life and business mistakes you?ve already mastered.

As you master the skills we?re talking about today, people will begin to notice your increase in value, and will want you to help them rise while you rise. You must be able to not only speak to them, but train them as well.

To improve this skill, learn how to perform 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Those you lead thirst for leadership. Specifically, they thirst for their leader to demonstrate that they care by attending to their personal development needs.

You can do this by taking time to coach them up on better ways to lead, manage, and create value so they can have the wisdom and awareness they need to accomplish their own goals in life and business.

Skill #5) Video Shooting & Editing.

If you wanted to produced a professional quality video just 20 years ago, there would have been a huge capital risk ? thousands of dollars ? you would have been required to take on just to stand in front of a camera, share your message, have it edited and packaged for distribution. And that?s before you sold a single copy.

However, in this day in age, your Smartphone and laptop practically come with a mini movie studio, fully equipped with all the tools you need to capture and share your message.

If you want to hone this skill, start off by producing north of 1 video per week about topics your target market are interested in. These videos can be you standing in front of the camera speaking, you speaking while you go through a slide presentation, or you perfuming a tutorial where you?re showing people how to use a tool.

If you have a MacBook or any Apple computers device, you have all the tools you need to get started. And if you don?t have an Apple device, you probably have a Smartphone, which is nothing more than a micro movie studio. And if you don?t have any of those, what rock have you been hiding under?

Oh yea?if you?re already in the process of honing your video shooting and editing skills, then keep it up Tiger!

Skill #6) Blogging & Social Media.

Let?s face it. You live in a digital world where more people are connect via technology than anytime in the history of mankind. With devices like Smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers, people ? your customers and clients ? have the ability to access information the moment a simple idea, thought, or desire comes into their mind. They?ll then hit the Internet to find information, products and/or services to satisfy this need. The questions then isn?t whether people are search for you, the question is have you made it easy for them to find you on the Internet?

For you to maintain a competitive advantage against your competition, you must be knowledgeable of how to spread your message via blogging ? articles, videos, images, etc. ? and how to share your message via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter since that?s where the people who will buy what you have to offer are hanging out.

By honing your blogging and social media skills, you give yourself the ability to put your ideas and your message in a position to be shared virally at a moments notice.

Now that you?re aware of six powerful online business skills you must master if you want any type of long-term success in your industry in this day in age, get out there and practice. But don?t get stuck in practice mode. At some point, the rubber must hit the road to get your vehicle ? your dream ? moving forward. I suggest you invest at least an hour a day where you do nothing but hone the six skills I?ve shared with you today.

All in all, your role as a fearless entrepreneur who practices online business ownership is full of many surprises. However, the better developed your skill set, the more capable you?ll be and the more confident you?ll feel in your ability to overcome the obstacles place before you so you can win.

It was a pleasure sharing this life changing moment with you.

Enjoy living!

As always, make it a great day.

Til next time?

Press on with Greatness and Keep it Immaculate!

Live with Supreme Confidence,
Dhane Crowley ? Your Entrepreneurship Guide

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