Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Silver Gets Results ? Oregon Hill

Oregon Hill resident Silver Persinger, running a write-in candidacy for Mayor, held the City Council?s Finance Committee accountable last week for making information available to citizens.

Listen to Silver?s comment by clicking here.

The good news is that the Richmond Open Government Project is having an effect. City Council candidates Delp and Baliles have included Open Government comments in their campaigns. The City has begun putting committee meeting presentations on-line (Click here for link). This really opens the door to much more information.

Some of the issues in the presentation binder for the NEXT Finance Committee meeting:

- COS Staff Report & Supplemental Information
- Stormwater Utility ? Delinquent Account Collection Strategy and Timeline Presentation
- Boulevard Redevelopment Plan and Citywide Economic Development Strategies Presentation
- Boulevard Redevelopment Preparation Project
- Community Development ? Financial Statement Report
- BPOL Tax Relief Fiscal Impact Statement


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