Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sony posts its first AOSP build for the Xperia Z (video)

AOSP comes to the Xperia Z through Sony's GitHub video

Sony is quickly developing a reputation as the tinkerer's phone maker of choice: it took on responsibility for maintaining AOSP on the Xperia S even when Google couldn't. Today, it's proving that commitment to open software by releasing an Android 4.2.2-based AOSP build for one of its 2013 flagships, the Xperia Z. The initial public version is rough and has to go without proprietary camera and cellular drivers, although it does support Bluetooth, GPS, SD storage, WiFi and a host of sensors. Developers and other experimenters can grab the necessary code on GitHub; the rest of us can stick to marginally safer CyanogenMod nightlies.

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Source: GitHub


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