Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Promoting Your Online Business through Mobile Gaming ? Guest Post

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Games are the most popular mobile apps, according to a?Nielsen?survey conducted last year. In this survey, 64% of those who responded had played mobile games in the last 30 days alone. It also showed that mobile games are not only exceedingly popular, but they are also the type of app that consumers are most willing to spend money on. This is not difficult to believe, when you think about what your friends and acquaintances use their mobile phones for. The craze created by games like Angry Birds is due to the fact that they are simple and addictive. Online business owners might want to think about how to harness this power of mobile gaming as a promotional tool, to capitalize on the growing trend.

Priming Your Website for Greater Exposure

There are a number of factors that go into running online businesses these days. The first step is to set up a user-friendly website with the help of an e commerce website builder. These provide you with a secure platform and a user-friendly interface. Top ecommerce software programs will also assist you to some degree with promoting your website, providing you with analytics and social media marketing tools. To best promote your products and services, it?s best to fully integrate your ecommerce site with all the forms of technology out there.

Some online business owners are already making use of mobile apps, integrating their websites by allowing customers to receive promotional updates on their phone or connect to social profiles easily. However, using mobile gaming as well can create a whole new level of possibilities. To get started with this process, it?s a good idea to think about how mobile games work. In many cases, players strive to improve their skills to beat their own scores or unlock new levels of content. With this in mind, you could connect your business to a mobile game by rewarding players with promotional offers if they manage to advance to a new level.

Further Promotional Opportunities

Another way that mobile gaming can be used for promotional purposes is to introduce new people to your brand. Rather than selling a gaming app, you could offer it for free in exchange for the customer registering their personal information. They can then play the game in exchange for rewards such as free shipping, coupons, or other offers that will entice them to come back for more. Another use of this tool would be to connect a customer?s purchases with the game, allowing them to access exciting new levels with every purchase. There are many ways that this type of digital marketing opportunity could be utilized in order to engage your customers and add value to the shopping experience.

Using mobile games and their viral nature allows you to access an unlimited new audience with relatively simple designs. People love a challenge, so by using this aspect of human nature as a way to promote your online business, you could generate new excitement and buzz.

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