Sunday, June 19, 2011

Where can I find royal wedding mugs in London?

Where in London can I still find nice-ish but not super expensive Royal Wedding mugs? I need to bring back a few as souvenirs for some family members, but I don't have time to just stop in at every souvenir store in central London.

I know I should have done this, oh, a month and a half ago or thereabouts, but I procrastinated and now I'm leaving London on Sunday (after being here for five months studying abroad) and I need like three Royal Wedding mugs.

I'm looking to pay at most ?10 each for these, and I'm looking for as nice and official looking as possible rather than a cheap knockoff with a grainy off-center photo of the Royal Couple. Westminster Abbey doesn't have their version listed on their shop website, and IIRC theirs were quite expensive anyway.

I live in Camden, but I'll definitely be down in the Bloomsbury/Soho/Oxford Street area before I leave town, so any where around those places is easiest for me. I'm willing to go further afield for a reliable source.

I should emphasize that I'm really looking for "I have seen what you're after in an actual store within the last week or two" rather than "Well, try place x maybe?" Unfortunately, I don't have time to chase down leads all over London :(


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